Drive, Write, Drive, Delayed Flight, and Home

Me last night at the cocktail reception that was held… outdoors (aside – think my camera is degrading, again.)

I lasted as long as it takes to inhale a coffee, and take one photo.

A few hundred kilometres today through Quebec ski towns and little villages.

Our tour included a stop at 1 of 3 Canadian Benedictine monasteries.

Neat eh. Of course I loved how quiet it was inside #LoveSilence. Should’ve told them my theory – put a monk in a race car.

They’re master cheese makers, that’s how they make money WAIT – they sell cheese to make cheese! Guys I’m tired.

Back on the road, drive drive drive.

My review will be online at Autonet very soon.

I will be recommending to spend the extra $2,200 for Mercedes’ 4MATIC All-wheel drive system, it makes a massive difference in handling.

That works out to another 7% of the total price. Exactly.

Then my flight was delayed, and delayed again, then those green loops are the plane circling for more delays.

Won’t go on, because travel stories are so very boring.

Picked up this week’s car at the airport – 2015 Infiniti Q70 – and now it’s 11pm and I’m home, the end.



In Montreal with Mercedes for a Minute

Flew out at 8am, here till late tomorrow night.

This is my first Mercedes anything, both trip and test car.

Hi hi from the Olympic Basin, where we tested the car’s 4MATIC All-wheel Drive system on the ice.

New 2015 CLA 250s.

My drive partner (who requested anonymity) was so kind, he’s done this 500 times so let me do all the driving, which I did with a huge grin permantley.

Favourite moment was when I made a rooster tail, coating the passenger side with snow, I look to my right and my partner is covered, his window had been down.

1 – all hard buttons and dials, no touch nonsense; Mercedes isn’t into it either
2 – sharp looking vertical quilting on the seats eh
3 – what we’re testing – 4MATIC and ESP

Filmed a quick bit for Motoring TV (I’m back there now, just haven’t told you about it yet.)  You know these guys – that’s cameraman Paul Reid in the back, and Russ Bond in the front.

My ending line was my best line:

Motoring – what about winter tires, Keri?
Me – If you don’t know by now you need them, you are beyond my help.

When departing the basin, we drove through the finish line of Canada’s only F1 racetrack.

Above is me crossing the finish line.

Got asked so many times about my skirt & tights, “aren’t you cold?”

I’m always cold regardless, so there’s that. But tights are surprisingly warm, that’s why soldiers wear them beneath their fatigues in the field, and why any good Canadian girl owns at least 5 black pairs.

Now we’re in some mountains, which is where I’m typing this hi hi.

kk early start to tomorrow, night TTYT

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Driving the All-new Micra in Montreal

2015 Nissan Micra
Starting at – $9,998
Fully loaded – $15,748

It’s a 1.6 L four-cylinder, outputting 109 hp and 107 lb-ft. Choose between a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic

I tested the little guy through downtown Montreal, then out to the countryside and back.

My driving partner for this trip was [redacted].

Me: but I blog all my driving partners?!
Them: I’d rather stay anonymous Keri, I don’t Tweet, FB, I prefer an air of mystery.
Me: ahhh kk, will absolutely help that! You’re talking to someone who got Google to acknowledge my name is ‘Blog’.

Too bad though, because we had a lot of fun. I almost bit the steering wheel a few times from laughing, from jacknifing… “oh I drove my Solstice too faaaaast.”

So much fun that an extra 80 km was added to the test, because we got so lost. Mostly my fault, it usually is #ForeverLost

Which means we barely made it to the track on time.

The arrows are pointing at its turning radius, 4.6 m.

That’s the second smallest out there, but only by 0.01m, so let’s call that the smallest turning radius available.

That doesn’t mean the car feels twitchy on the highway, which sometimes can happen. Quite opposite actually, the Micra drives like a larger car. It absorbs the bumps well and provides a smooth ride.

And a peppy one. Especially when pared with the 5-speed manual, this little guy had no problem keeping up on the highway, or out-manourvering those aggressive French downtown drivers. And it doesn’t do it with a whiny, noisy engine, as some of its competitors do; it’s a rather quiet cabin.

This is a good city car, and a great first car.

It’s little enough to fit anywhere in a busy downtown, but the interior is surprisingly cavernous, and four big humans will fit without smashing the tops of their heads.

And with its claim to fame as Canada’s best-priced car $9,998, expect to see these cars everywhere.

More blog posts to come this week, about the features, financing program, it’s unique Canadian traits, and more.

Until then, here’s Nissan’s official video from the launch.

Look for me at 2:40.

And here’s a video I made.


Home Again, and Have So Much to Tell You 

About both the car (it’s a hit), and what happened to me on the trip.

But for now, bed.

It looks so glamourous from the outside, these press trips, but they’re gruelling with fancy food, really.   Not in a bad way, and not complaining, but yup.

Dramatic pants in Montreal.

I have a whole front page of half-drafted Micra posts to tell you about too, but the car posts deserve focus and concentration, neither of which I have right now.

As well as stuff that happened to me.

Like this.

That’s after scoring a goal on NHL goalie Jose Theodore (yes he was being kind on me).

Then, that already big moment led to something enormous, that will get its own post obviously.

Went for a walk in the rain tonight, to hunt down a copy of today’s paper, because it contains my column, as Wednesday is auto-section day.

Which is what inspired this:

Fact. Observed over years.

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