Nissan’s New Infotainment System now Tracks You

When the car starts, that screen appears.

Default is ON.

To turn it off:  Settings > Vehicle Data Transmission Setting > OFF

I’d suggest turning it off for 2 reasons: to limit wireless traffic coming in and out of your car, and why help anyone track you.

Found on the 2016 Nissan Maxima, the upgraded infotainment system includes the debut of the new Nissan Connect Services – built-in safety & security telematics with SOS, automatic collision calling, smartphone remote access to vehicle including engine start, customizable alerts and maintenance notices.

Review for the paper prints in a couple weeks.



My Race Car is on Display at Nissan Canada HQ

Rememeber that time I was a factory driver for Nissan, and competed in Targa Newfoundland Rally 2014?

My car is on display in front of Nissan’s Canadian headquarters.

Blog tag = Targa, updated daily during the race

Wrote a column about it – “Screaming through Newfoundland’s Suburbs” – here

The suburbs looked like this.

It’s a 2015 Nissan Micra, blog tag here.

It performed great nothing broke, it was manual, even coined a term to describe the Micra, “it’s a Car-Car.”

My co-driver and a favourite human, Michel Crepault.

Rally math.

In the zone.

All this was typed with a massive grin.



Why Canada Doesn’t always Get the Car

Maybe you’ve fallen for a car only to discover the automaker doesn’t sell them in Canada. Why?

Bringing 1 car to 1 country can involve
modifying 1,500+ parts

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

Consumers would see only a few major changes Nissan made to the car, but behind the scenes over 1,500 parts had to be modified to accommodate our Canadian needs.


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