The Problem with Chinese Motorized Vehicles

They’re often cheaper, and come equipped with more features, like the below ATV that has disc brakes.

Sounds pretty great right?

Finding parts and repairing them is the problem.

Once it breaks, often the only solution is to replace the entire vehicle because finding Chinese replacement parts is difficult.

In the example above, that’s a broken axle, and the solution is either to weld it (won’t work) or drill, thread then bolt it (the torque will knock it loose right away.) So the owner is stuck.

My ATV is a hand-me-down from China, and same thing – the tires are bald, and finding new ones is like an Olympic event.



Drive a Car with your Mind

A research team in China has successfully installed thought-controlled computing into a car.

Using only the power of her mind, Xie Lingyue locked and unlocked the vehicle, started it, and then moved it both forward and backward. She mentally informed the trunk to open and side mirrors to fold in.

Read it online at Autonet.


For years, who’s been telling you this is coming? The blog tag thought-controlled computing dates back to February 2011.

It’s here guys.

The words ‘neuro’ & ‘neural’ will be part of our vocabulary

We’ll soon be using BCIs – Brainwave-Controlled Interfaces

Remember my 2012 Prediction? What the Mayans really meant?

Hang on, I’ll go grab that old video.

(originally predicted February 2011)

I’ll keep predicting the future, you keep rolling your eyes.

I’m a natural.

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Sun Protective Clothing for Driving

Got so burnt in early June – in a coupe too – that I realized I can no longer drive without special protective UV clothing.  So I investigated.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating – 15 is good, but 50+ is what you want. And turns out China is really into this idea of protective-driving-clothing.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

Use the search term “summer driving clothing” and click on results from DHGate or AliExpress, two of China’s largest online retailers. Below are “arm mittens.”

I’m going to order the above hat, gloves and shawl, really.

(update: I now own the hat)


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(taken during the 2014 Mazda Adventure Rally)


Just a Minute – Have the Winter Blues Too?

I know it’s coming, and still I’m surprised every year when it does. I just figure since I know of it’s impending arrival, that “seasonal affected disorder”, shouldn’t my brain just be unaffected by now? Kick out those thoughts?

Click here and here to see a city in China like the one I’m talking about; I think they’ll help you feel better.

And my go-to line is, “it could be far worse… you could be living in Rwanda, a war-torn country, looking for a bug for dinner…”.

Spring is coming, it’s darkest before the dawn and all those cliches. Stay positive!