My Own Private GO Bus Ride

This afternoon, I returned the Honda Civic in Markham. If you’re not living here, that’s 2-hour a train, bus, then subway, to get home.

My bonehead cab driver, dropped me off at a train station that had no trains going to. So when I saw a GO bus pull in, I ran over, oh this was its last stop of the day.

So I’m standing at a normal bus stop, hear a whistle,

“let’s go!  I’m going downtown, and got clearance to take you along.”


Now I’m cruising down the DVP, hanging over the front railing, enjoying the view; nice big wide windshield, and sight lines. Bus Driver Jim and I spent half the drive putting the world to rights, and the other half talking cars.  So much fun.

Thanks Bus Driver Jim!


(note: I just accidentally deleted the other photos… of the bus, the view of the road.  I have never done that before. Heavy sighing is happening, stomach dropped, some swearing)


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