Things from the Week

The last 48 hours I rested. I had a drink in my hand by 6pm Wednesday, and didn’t again open my laptop all night, can’t remember thte last time I did that. Tipsy sushi and Caesars.

Next week’s column is about rims. Still behind blogging 2 past columns, but now have a column index page finally, click here.

Pretty crazy I’m dressed like this mid-JUNE. I try to remember my point about Canadian weather , but still, this summer sucks eh.

Making a prediction….

Fanny packs are going to be a trend this fall

Hands free is the best.

While everyone’s busy making fun of me, I’m getting twice as much done.

Finally a couple days have been warm enough to bring out the platforms.

See the left one; did some shoe repair using nail-polish.

Toe update – since I broke it, it’s still swollen, puffy and not healed.

After week 2 I’d had enough, and started stomping around again. I was probably too hard on it, but serves it right really, for letting me down.

Let’s see… off-roading in a Raptor video is almost done, next car I have is a Ford CMax, off to Baltimore next week with Fiat, more I can’t remember now.



I Am a Hurtbag

I’m the most physically hurt I’ve been a long time, probably 4 years.

A week ago I likely broke my toe.

Freak accident – my sock got caught under that radiator while I was full-steam ahead, and my baby toe got caught underneath.

See the arrow, how it’s no longer flush with the floor?  And that’s a 1950’s metal radiator too, what’s up mega toe.

No shoe even, for a few days. Jacknifing pain when I move the wrong way. For one week I’ve been forced to move soooo slooowly it’s awful.  Such a change from my usual operating at 100mph, instead like, I’ll have some garbage to throw out, see that the can is 12ft away *puts garbage in pocket*. I’ve been wondering if this is what it’s like for a really fat or old person.

Flew home the day after it happened, had to walk 3 airport terminals on it; and Atlanta ones at that.

Arrived home to a broken heater at home, so it was 2 nights like this.

Fortunately the repair guy came through Thursday, I was the guy’s last stop before the long weekend.

Visited the doctor today.

He said the radiation isn’t worth it to finding out if it’s broken, especially since there is no solution but time. He says 4 weeks it’s good, 6 and it’s like it never happened.

While there, I told him how he missed out on the finger infection incident, because 1.5 weeks ago ya that happened. Then I boasted about beating it without penicillin, because I did.

A finger infection is the WORST.  You get taken down by the tinest nothing of a thing OMFG debilitating show-stopping pain from this tiny invisible thing.

Whaddya see? Nothing right.

Typing killed. Yes I realize how dumb that sounds, but oh it did, and I had so much type.  Every keystroke was torture.

I didn’t know this could happen to a human. If I hadn’t had this happen to me, I’d be rolling my eyes too, but no no seriously, if someone tells you they have it, it’s cripplingly for real.

The most popular solution, from a variety of sources, is penicillin. But I don’t want to. To me, that’s like getting rid of some garden weeds by burning the whole garden to the ground.  Instead, I did polysporn and a polstice.

At one point I watched the infection climb up my finger, past the second knuckle. More poloysporn and polstice.

Then I had to fly to San Diego, and I’m terrified of getting sick in the States, who can afford that. So I did something I haven’t done in 8 years, and darkened the door of an emergency room.

Where I had the nicest experience! Like, it could have been filmed as an ad for our amazing medical system, right down to the mumbling meth head in the corner who lifted his head to wish me a nice trip as I walked out door ahaha. We are so lucky. If you complain about the medical system here, you want too much.

The nurse made me feel better, off I flew and finally it broke (this act comes with a fever, by the way), and I could start to usse my right hand again.

Think about how strong my immune system is now! Look what it just defeated. MEGA immune.

So that’s the update.  Leave it with me guys, back to regularly scheduled programming soon; I just need a little more time to regenerate before leaping back in.

xo Keri



I'd Make an Excellent Foot Model

So symmetrical.

Wouldn’t it be great to be a foot model? Because I could double down!  I’d blog and write while my feet are photographed, oh man it’s raining cheques.

Here they are in action.

Choose my polish colour.

It probably helps that I don’t wear heels. Wait. I think I blogged that before, hang on…

Yup, here: Why I Don’t Wear Heels (video)

Half the reason I’m blogging this, is so if ever I meet someone and they are a foot model booking agent, I can send them this post, as a resume.