So Into this Car – 2015 Subaru BRZ

2015 Subaru BRZ

Subaru’s only rear-wheel drive car (the rest are all-wheel)

2.0L 4-cylinder Boxer engine, 6-spd manual transmission

200 hp and 151 lb.ft

Starting at $27,395
This one $31,395

This is the the Aozora Edition, the highest trim available.

It comes only in manual, and adds an under spoiler (which really enhances the look), red callipers and 17″ black alloys, fancier seats and stitching, push start and a frameless rear view mirror (1st time I’ve ever seen that option.)

Notice what’s missing?

No steering wheel controls and buttons, it’s a plain steering wheel! That alone made me love it immediately.

Why I love this BRZ:

It’s good looking; an appropriate amount of power; it’s just my size and fits me physically (which is rare); I like the boxer growl; and the interior is so refreshingly simple.

Plus there’s practically no driving aids (like Lane Keep Assist, and the Sucks The Fun Away Aid.)

It’s got hard buttons and dials *, all the analog stuff I love.

The infotainment system is a bit of a disaster, but I never use them anyway so it’s okay.

Subaru BRZ Animated

All starting at $27k. Hey!

So much superfluous revving happened this week.


Maybe the most I’ve liked a car in 1.5 years.



It’s a Car-Car

Car-car: zero features or options, not even a dash-screen, no fancy radar-reliant driving aids, big analog buttons, wind-up windows, opposite of today’s computers-on-wheels, a car-car.

See also my column, ‘The Keri-Eco Car‘ – improve fuel economy by removing all the features and superfluousness.   

The Micra is a car-car – blog tag / newspaper review / video


Claiming ownership of this expression, it now belongs to me, forever, throughout the universe, into perpetuity.

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Achieved a New Level of Minimalistic Living

Over the holidays, I mentioned I’d purged. This is when the new level was reached.

Boom BOOM I own nothing.

Notice no TV? No art, and definitely no photographs.  No eyes.



Life is already so busy and stimulating, so my home is opposite.

Look forward to take you on that video tour. Pretty proud of this actually, it took a while, this reduction.

It’s more of a lifestyle, than a decorating style.  Same idea as my backpack.

No attachment. That’s the key. To everything, really.



I Don’t Go Shopping, I Go Buying

Happens bi-annually. 

Around now, then 6 months from now, because those are retail’s “make everything 70% off” cycles.

Right now a proper quality t-shirt is the proper price of $20.

I went this week. I’ve never loved shopping. Much of what you see me in is a decade old. I love malls for the people and atmosphere, not for the stuff.

Surprised myself, too.

Think I’ll wear it next Saturday night in Vegas at DefCon – the world’s largest hacker conference. 

Remember last year’s video Inside DefCon19 and the interview series (which is almost edited, and includes the best highlight reel I’ve ever made).

I shop alone.

On the rare occasion I require an opinion, I text a photo.

I have the toughest time finding simple, classic clothes.  Why does everything needs a ruffle or pocket or some accoutrement?

If I had a store, I’d call it ‘Plain’. 

  • 1 – outfit is sneakers and something I can try stuff on over, thus avoiding fitting room time
  • 2 – I find one shirt I like, buy it in many colours. See first photo as well
  • 3 – everything gets seam-ripped off.  Tags ruin the lines, and if you’re wearing anything sheer, you must.  

The Bay! 

Fact: it’s North America’s oldest company :O

Go to the third floor in the Eaton Centre one… endless labels, open and airy, no one bugs you, massive sale on.

Victoria’s Secret dressing rooms are beautifully lit #NoFilter.

‘Plain’ would definitely copy their lighting scheme. Sales ahoy.