I’m all Deer-in-the-Headlights to Film

I have 300 videos online, 8 pages of topics ready to go, and still I’m freezing up. Dumb eh.

So back to 2007 where this all started – me by myself, talking to a camera on a tripod.

I’ve been making garbage videos:

film review delete, film review delete.

First, I reminded myself of the physical actions of making a video.

Painting my toes red.

Move to the next level: speaking, blablablaing to the camera.

In real life, I speak very little.  Here I am talking about how I don’t like talking.

I really don’t.

The irony is, I’m pretty good at it.

Best way I can describe this feeling…

… as soon as you’re done reading this paragraph… hold up your phone, video on. State your name, location, speak passionately for 1 minute about anything, and upload it to YouTube. Then, Facebook & Tweet the link with this text, “I made this video, go watch it”.

That anxious feeling that’s now in your stomach, it’s that.

I’m too animated, talk too much with my hands, speak too quickly.

Reviewing the footage yeah, I can see it, but I’ll only slow my speech down a little. Because I figure: if you can’t absorb at that speed, you’re probably not going to like my stuff anyway.

Also noted while reviewing, wow, that is not the face that started 7 years ago.  Sigh. I can’t get away with it anymore, I’m going to have to learn to use makeup.

Last summer I bought my first eyeliner, world’s oldest tomboy here. No dramatics, there’s 12 year olds better at makeup than me.

Pro tip – everyone looks good at this angle.

You know though, making and editing video of yourself is a strange but rewarding experience. I’m more self aware because of it.

If  you ever want to take a good, cold look at yourself, make a video of you interviewing someone. I have a whole theory about this, it’s on my Mega Video List.



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