My Current State of Owning as Little as Possible

Getting there, not done yet.

“I Gave Away Everything I Own in ‘My Emporium”,
and Now All My Belongs Fit In a Trunk”

I still have this to go through:

Plus I was too generous during my first round, this will also be reduced.

I’ll guess 80% of that gets purged. I’m ruthless.

I’ve always had on my backup plan list, “Professional Organizer”: I come over and sort out your life, remove the crap, and install systems for you to follow.

I’ll video a tour before I disassemble this place, show you what I’ve got it down to. Clothes take up a lot of room, and bathroom products, books weigh a ton.

It’s a King Kong trunk if you’re curious. Canadian Tire, $160.

Here’s what “The Emporium” looked like:

Remember that time I found I could fit in my trunk?

Remember ‘Dance Packing’?

Re-embedding, ha.

I haven’t thought about any of the stuff I gave away.



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