It Was a Great Week!

It was productive, there were a lot of loud laughs, a few rolls of the dice paid off.

Remember to occasionally swing for the fences, and it’s called a dream for a reason.

All my blog photos are here, in these albums, if you’d like to peruse.

That’s my Google+ account, circle me on in.

What the text says.

(Photo by Rannie)

Did you see Casie on eTalk?!?

She spoke about the Royal Family Canadian visit as a Social Media Expert, and she killed it. Click here to watch.

Well done, missy!

I won #CreepTuesday this week!

#CreepTuesday is a game of stealth smart phone using. Taking a secret picture of a poor, unfortunate soul, and posting it online. Karma’s going to be a b-tch to us, but hey, it’s entertaining our friends all over North America –

You can play too, send photos to: @Shankell @Kristikenn @Chris_Huey

My winning photo.

I’d like to thank the Academy.

I love this photo of me.

Do you ever visit my other blog?

Posts are mostly a title and one photo.  I think you’d like it.


Recent highlights include:

– I kinda want to see inside here, kinda not
– sports teams had funny names in olden times
– we’re getting new $100 bills, Canada
tactical jewellery
– we’ll all have wallets like this soon #RFID #security

That’s So Meta!

Casie tweeted the one of the left.

That’s the iPad they give you at e11even, it has the wine list on it (600+ wines).

In Notes I found one, someone had written, “I hacked this!“.  No, you didn’t.

Beautiful place, and what you wanna do is order from their $11 menu; that’s the trick.

I’ll leave you with this.

Have a great Saturday night!!

This Is More For Me Than You

Very exciting to me.

This is from when I had an epiphany Wednesday June 8 on my balcony. You know when it all just clicks and a million hours of ruminating snap together?  Fist pumped a couple times.

This is more for me than you; I’m documenting.

Blurred for OPSEC.

It’s no good if the internet has the same epiphany.

700 MHz Is All The Rage

Tuesday I attended the Canadian Telecom Summitt 2011 #CTS11… Canada’s leading and largest telecommunications industry event.

Media sits at the back.

There were big-name keynote speeches all day, heads of Telus, HP, Rogers, Microsoft, Bell and CRTC people.

This is how I learned we got a new Minister of Industry two weeks ago, Christian Paradis.

Congratulations on your new job! Please protect Canada.

Made some new friends both IRL and online during it, hi guys! Keep in touch.

The most interesting topic of today was the 700 MHz Spectrum.

You can’t just go around blasting signals haphazardly, where and whenever you wish.  Depending on what you’re doing, depends on which frequency you transmit/broadcast/communicate on.

Below shows (some) of the MHz spectrum and its allocations.  See the band where I added the text, flanked by ‘mobile’ and ‘broadcasting’?

That’s the 700 MHz band, and it’s soon up for sale.

(See the full diagram here)

It was once owned by the broadcasters, and was used to broadcast analog TV.

Now the government owns it, and is about to sell it.

The auction will take place late 2012.  The gentleman above is in charge of said auction.

It’s a powerful spectrum which can penetrate walls. This makes it ideal for broadband communication. It also has a great range and can travel long distances; one tower broadcasting 700 MHz can cover 20 miles.

Think of it like… it’s the Ferrari of spectrums.

Tweets and fun facts from today.

Many of the talks re-inforced my theory about how the future internet will be designed, I talk about it in my video, About UBB – Usage Based Billing, fast-forward to 0:31.

Then I invited myself to the stage.

And gave an impassioned speech.

While everyone was at lunch.



The First Big Mac Virus Has Arrived

Are you on a Mac computer?  This is for you.

We Apple users have enjoyed relatively safe surfing for so long, so why now?

It’s been written that once Apple reached a 16% marketshare, only then would the financial payoff be worth the time to target Macs.

There are many different kinds of attacks (a post for another time)… this one is “scareware“… it shocks you into thinking there’s a virus on your computer, so you download the program to get rid of it, except the program is actually the virus.

The scam is running under 5 different names: MacDefender / MacGuard / MacKeeper / MacProtector / MacSecurity.

The popup windows look like this:

How do you protect yourself?

Don’t download it.

Pretty obvious huh.  Pretty crazy that people actually fall for this.

Remember – if you didn’t go searching for it, do not accept any downloads.

If You Already Downloaded It

Apple has put out an official statement on how to deal with MacDefender… click here.

They’ll be soon releasing a OS X update to search and destroy any MacDefender that may be on your hard drive.

Future Steps to Protect your Computer

You can be sure there’s way more where this came from, and much more sophisticated, too.

If you would like a Mac anti-virus program, go with Kapersky, they’re world-class.

In your browser preferences turn off “automatically open downloaded files”.

Watch my Change your Passwords video below and follow my instructions.

Be wise, it’s a big internet out there!

xo Keri