Happy Skynet Becomes Self-Aware Day

In Terminator movies, the military created Skynet, an artificial intelligence which becomes self-aware today, April 19 2011 at 8:11pm / 20:11.

Then it turns against the humans… carnage, mayhem etc.

The below made me literally LOL today (this Skynet thing was trending on Twitter earlier , it’s not that weird)

A few weeks back, @SkyNetOperative started following me on Twitter.  Today we engaged in a back and forth.

This is its bio (the code basically means its watching the internet, and saving it all for future use)

So I said I dropped into its computer, and took ownership of its accounts and information.

It came back with uh-huh, I just kicked you off the server, undid your changes and copied your hard drive to a USB key.

Note it knows what kind of computer I’m on.

I replied by making it its own account.




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