Happy Skynet Becomes Self-Aware Day

In Terminator movies, the military created Skynet, an artificial intelligence which becomes self-aware today, April 19 2011 at 8:11pm / 20:11.

Then it turns against the humans… carnage, mayhem etc.

The below made me literally LOL today (this Skynet thing was trending on Twitter earlier , it’s not that weird)

A few weeks back, @SkyNetOperative started following me on Twitter.  Today we engaged in a back and forth.

This is its bio (the code basically means its watching the internet, and saving it all for future use)

So I said I dropped into its computer, and took ownership of its accounts and information.

It came back with uh-huh, I just kicked you off the server, undid your changes and copied your hard drive to a USB key.

Note it knows what kind of computer I’m on.

I replied by making it its own account.




Lost My Shoes in the Imperial Sand Dunes

It’s because I took off running down a hill, and they just got swallowed up. Wasn’t for lack of looking… if you drop something out there, the end.

Return of the Jedi was filmed here. I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars.  

I filmed here; it’s going to be weird to edit, because it’s all just two blocks of colour.

Being surrounded only by desert has been on my to-do list since I’m little. Check.

Oh, this is Arizona.