900km in 24hrs

I don’t like missing out on things, so sometimes adventures like this happen.

Boarded a train. Saw this machine in the middle of Union Station (did you know there used to be a shooting range there?).

Started this book. So far so great.

Fatal System Error by Joseph Menn

Went to a party and then another with a lot of old friends, and now some new ones, many of whom pick me up when they hug me, which I love.

Tried this for the first time. Meh.

At 4am I got out of one car and into another.

Hi from Hamilton, it’s cycling race day!

This is the Good Friday Road Race hosted by Canada’s oldest cycling club – The Hamilton Club.

You can better see the course in my episode, Exploring Cycling, because I filmed from the back of the pace car.  It’s set to some beautiful classical music.

It’s a 55km race, average speed was 37km/hr, takes 90 minutes.

It was so cold out (and ya it’s April, but remember the good weeks in March? Also, watch my weather video for why it’s good it’s cold in Canada)

Waiting for the results. Sleep dep FTW.


WTG Nick and great team work fellas.

Came home to a home cooked meal even, then I slept for a while the end.

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