It’s Indy Weekend

Honda kindly gave me VIP tickets for both days this year, oh ya let’s DO this.

I live downtown and love the deafening noise, l o v e it.  So in this vein, here’s an old episode from my ‘Canadian Explorer’ show:

Ep 27/80 Exploring a Race Car June 2009

Best. Thumbnail. EVER.

How anti-climactic there’s no actual footage of me racing, eh. It poured the whole day, my camera is not waterproof. Also, note 0:50 ;)

THE best part of the day, but not on video though, was when I spun out.

The track is covered in oil, the rain makes it slippery, and as I rounded a corner the car just started doing a 360 by itself.

Downshift, caught it, completed the 360 and kept driving. Started screaming with pride and joy. My natural reaction is fist pump, forgot the cabin is so tiny, smashed my fist straight up into the metal lip.

kk I’m off to the INDY! TTYL



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