A Saturday Night Update

It’s a pretty typical Saturday night here, bubbly water and my laptop. I’m polishing this week’s column, which is the 3rd (and final) instalment in what accidentally turned into an Eco series. Here’s Part 1 & Part 2.

I’m also doing blog renovations, and cleaning up my accounts around the internet.

Plus cleaning IRL.

Tomorrow kicks off the Year of the Snake.

I’m almost done, except for this mess.

This is the latest song I’m OCDing out to; how is this not a radio hit?

Insert headphones and turn it UP.

Remember dance packing? Chinese New Year cleaning will look like this.

(that’s an old OCD’ed out song)

Had a great time at the FordBlue party last night. Not surprising, Ford always puts on class events.

The storm was fun, eh! Canada looks like Canada again.

It also allows me to wear some favouite boots.  Good to -75ºC.

My hair looks great eh, this is Niki’s best blonde yet. Thanks missy xo

She’s been perfecting “Illusion Hair”; I’ll detail it out another time, it’s clever. Go see her, too.

I’ve been cooking :O

It counts as cooking, I used heat.

This is from last week, but I look exactly the same right now #SaturdayNightUniform

I’ll leave you with what my desk right now, been a while since I documented it.

TTYL, have a great rest-of-weekend,

xo Keri


Have a Great Saturday Night

Neat sun trick eh. I’ll show you my mug when I get it.

Thanks, Brennen!

Both male and female cuts, attend his BlowDry Bootcamp… plus Best Blonde in Canada.

Go too.

Brennen Demelo Studio
416 301 1072
316 Adelaide Street West

We’ve been a hairdresser/blogger duo forever, here, I dug out our first video from 2008.

Usually here I’d suggest you go see Lisen to get toned between cuts, but you can’t; ready, she leaves this week for 6 months in Thailand, by herself, YES Lisen! Here’s to an unforgettable trip, see ya soon, no dreads xo

Hello, An Update

Been a busy May, eh.  Can you believe it’s mid-May ugh.

Let’s see…

Went to a Toronto FC game recently, always a great time beacuse it’s a loud and rowdy crowd.

Learned that soccer is called, “the beautiful game”, because once the clock starts it doesn’t stop, so therefore the game is always contained to two hours. Unlike football, which has so many stops and starts I practically died of boredom last year and left early.

Box view:

Got a haircut, this time Matthew from Brennen Demelo Studio. He just returned from Berlin Germany, where he was furthering his education,.

That’s one of the best parts about this place… you can go to any stylist there if your regular isn’t available, and everything will still come out amazing.

What else…

Oh, I got this idea in my head a few weeks back…. I’d like to be a Toronto tour guide atop a double decker bus, spouting off into the microphone facts about the city and Canada. You do not even realize how much Canadian facts I have here in my head.

I’d film the entire experience of course, and then ideally I sell the video to some tourism outfit which promotes Toronto, and this is just one of a million ideas I have everyday and WHERE IS MY ARMY TO HELP ME EXECUTE IT ALL???

Now please give a warm welcome my new music sponsor, Capo Productions!

Royalty-free music is pricey and important. Did you know  YouTube uses a robot to scan the audio on your video as it uploads, determines if you are  using a song you don’t own and flags your video for further analysis?

Thank you Fred, I’m pumped about this!

Here’s some noteworthy technical things:

From top left to right:

– I’m quite proud of that pie chart, specifically the yellow chunk… this is the average time spent on my blog.  35% of visitors spend over an hour here. So thank you for pushing play!

– I think the private cloud market will explode soon, and have been thinking to invest in it

– there’s something you don’t see everyday, a red light on the side of a Macbook, my Macbook.

– that’s my Klout score, holding at a solid 50, not bad not bad. See how it says I’m an “activist”? I like that.  It got many of my “influential about” topics correct (McDonalds, ha), except for ‘Keri Hilson’, I’ve never typed her name ever?

Kay that’s a long blog post, TTYS.

Google Result for 'The Canadian Explorer'

There I am among those mighty explorers!

That second row photo… of all the photos to rank YES that one.

When I saved this screenshot, I named the file: CDN Explorer Search BOOM

Wait it gets better… the top photo is me exploring… my new haircut HAHA those guys trekked cross country forever… and the bottom photo is another “here’s my hair” post.

Here’s the Google search.

Hair by Brennen Demelo

One more thing.. for the longest time last year when you searched ‘KeriCDN’ the first image was a …. FinalCut file HA.

In serious though, my stuff is a mess, all of it.  It needs a good spring cleaning.  Before I do that I’ve been mulling over a video, documenting just HOW bad it is… it’s probably wrong I find it so funny.