My 5th Year as Cycling President

If we’re just meeting, I’m president of a cycling team, and we race in the OCA – Ontario Cycling Association.

See the red logo on the shoulders?  That’s my internet show, The Canadian Explorer.

2007-10 I travelled around Canada celebrating it (do more of that, okay), documented it all in 80 episodes, they were some of the best years I ever had.  The site is a mess, but if you’re willing to wade around there’s some entertaining stuff over there.

Other teams have tents and buses, many are 30+ members strong.

We are small and scrappy, but we medal a lot.  

We are a great team.

We’ve placed 3rd in Ontario 3 times already this season!


Who’s with me?

Click here for all cycling posts, and here’s a great post to meet the team, there’s two videos.

One of my favourite things about a race: the mobile command centre.

Another favourite part:

What a great way to mark time.  You know how I feel about time.

My least favourite part.

They race for 90 minutes, so sometimes you have to feed them.

They grab the bottle at 30km/h, and if you screw up they cramp up, lose, and you are a bad president.

(note: if you ever meet someone who did this race, be impressed; that hill is gruesome)

Here’s to a successful second half of the season, team, <3 ya!  



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