Watch a Ford Focus Park Itself

Tuesday Ford invited me to test drive their 2012 Ford Focus for a day via a car rally.

They partnered us each up, that’s my awesome cohort Ryan Durrell in brown.

(photo by Morsel Photography Hi Jerry! Look I stole more of your photos!)

The day kicked off with Ford saying, “here, go run our car through that slalem course, hard as you can”. Oh reallllly?!?! I got this.

I made that thing fly, and below is me standing on the brakes, and tada, cones are prefectly intact. I told them I was surprised how well it took the corners. Torque vectoring FTW.

Remember that time I did advanced driving school? Exploring a Race Car (video)

Each team was given an iPod Touch to film their experiences, and then Ford handed us our footage from the day on a USB key.  So sorry for the poor audio.

Have you ever edited iPod or iPhone footage?  Ugh.  All that tall footage is tough to work with. And I don’t get it, why wouldn’t Final Cut talk better with .movs? Anyway.

How many horse power? Would you like a cupcake?

I learned that a horse is 14.3 hands high, anything smaller is considered a pony.

We stopped by the Canadian Car Museum , so many nice cars.  I will never call them whips :|

Here’s Lauren and I, ha.

Interesting fact – the Focus is 85% of each pound of material used to build the car is recycled material.

Then I gave a little lecture.

Thanks for a great day, Ford!

If you ever need me to test another car on a track, I can do that!

All. Day. Long.

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