It Bubbles Down the Road

Nissan Juke – Starting at $19,998  – This one $29,500

It’s actually a four door, look again. I chose a photo filter that highlighted the rear doors, but in real life they’re more hidden.

When I picked it up, the guys said they’d just pulled the tape off the hood.

See the re-tweet? Ahaa thank you Nissan, for condoning my behaviour ;)

Inside and out, the Juke has a real cohesive look, and best I can describe it is: bubbly.

This vehicle was poloarizing – people either loved or hated it, no in-between.  Personally,  it was too curly-cue and swoopy.

Top right – excellent hazard button location. Nice finishing, and the heated seasts got crazy hot.

My photos aren’t doing a good job of showing the bubblyness, hang on I’ll go find a professional one …

Handled great, more than enough engine for the average driver.

Ideal for a city-living single person or couple; more than two, and it’d be tight.



The Last Week Looked Like This

I had an excellent “hat hair” day.

Drove those cars, around that rink.

Note my new camera, a GoPro Hero 3. I have another post drafted just about it, it’s that cool.

Packed in a LOT this week.  I’m a bit behind on everything, definitely email, which I am OCDing a little out about.

Last Friday’s horoscope.  Luckily, I didn’t see this till 9pm.

And it really was that good a day. 5 huge things happened to me last Friday.

This week’s flowers.

I like how they will open up; it helps to mark the passage of time.

One of my best signatures in a while. When I redo my sidebar art, I’m going to replace the existing one, with this.

Went to the Yorkdale Mall grand opening party.  They said they’re poised to do over one billion in 2013, and if they do, that will be the most ever in North America.

Saw the new Tesla store.

12,000 people bought one, sight unseen :O

Specifically, I was there for the new TELUS flagship store opening. It’s beautiful, but I’ll show you in another post, because I also spoke with them this afternoon about security stuff, and I’m going to put it all together.

This is an Emulator.

Rode the train.

To pick up this week’s car, a Nissan Juke.

Look closer… it’s actually a 4-door, neat, eh.

Aaaaand this is me, just before hitting publish on this post.

Shutting down now, no more internet till tomorrow. A walk, then a beer and last night’s ‘The Office’, betcha I don’t see 11pm.

Have a great start to your weekend, TTYT

xo Keri