What Was Up with Friday April 20, 2013?

I flew on Friday, was at the Nashville airport very early.

My flight was delayed, and it was the weirdest checkin ever; employees were whisper-y, eyes everywhere, pretending to be calm. There was a ground-stop issued, and tweets for both the Nashville (BNA) and Chicago (ORD) airports were missing.

There was a bird strike that grounded a plane, but that was in NYC’s JFK?

It’s best to be quiet, during times like this.

Was it because it was Hitlers birthday? Evil has arrived on April 20th before. The Columbine massacre was on this day 13 years ago.

Or was it because there was a New Moon the next night?

Even YouTube had a bad day.

Or maybe this was all because it was National Assuming Day? (what a dumb thing to give a day to).

Meanwhile, the Trayvon Martin trial reached a climax in the courtroom on TV.

Then the riots started.

Below is the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, and shockingly, the top photo is Montreal.

Come on Canada, that’s not us; be better.

Then the weirdness got real close to home.

Come ON. That’s my old neighbourhood, I lived there for 3 years, and that doesn’t happen. I always felt safe, all times of the day.

We rarely have amber alerts around here?  And Hamilton News accidentally broadcast hardcore porn?

All this before noon.

My internet failed around then, and that’s probably good because I was OCD-ing out, checking, watching, looking for a pattern.  There is always a pattern. 

Instead, I made a Flixel I titled, “Ruminating”.

Weird strange day. Let not too many of these happen.



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