I Tanked at Gardening this Year

Look, I even killed ferns – the world’s heartiest plant.

Why? By the time I got my act together to plant seeds it was mid-August, way too late. I kept forgetting to water regularly because I thought rain water was enough. And I’m supposed to find time to weed?

While I’m not the most embarrassing house on these street – lawn is usually cut and porch swept – I’m far from the most together.

Canadian Tire even sent me the below package of encouragement, along with the flower seeds I requested for my bathtub… and still I tanked it. They know me well too, and sent stuff that was “just add water.”


According to the labels, this stuff will store fine over the winter provided it is NOT opened.

The added bonus is gardening items are on sale right now at Canadian Tire.

I’ve seen the above items priced at half-off. So go shopping now, and I scheduled a post for May 3, 2016 to remind us to plant the seeds.


No money was exchanged for this post.

Canadian Tire sent me their products, so I tested them then typed my impression. This is a beta test of my latest idea.



I’m in Charge of Trees Now

Swinging Tree GIF

That’s a massive change.

The two plants in my apartment are fake. Closet thing I ever had to a pet, was this bug.

This home ownership thing is going to be a steep learning curve.  Right now I’m really into insulation, let’s talk about R value. And woah, there’s so many more bills eh.

But, I figure billions of people are right now handling it just fine, so how hard can it be…

By pruned I mean broke off branches and turned them into spears.

Who knew gardening was so destructive.

New blog tag = house