Was in the USA for 2 Weeks

That’s why the blog has been dark.

And I can’t post “I’m travelling, sorry in advance the blog is on pause,” because might as well be, “the world’s cutest house is sitting empty.”

Still after all these years haven’t figured out a good solution, and always end up with an apology post like this :( I am sorry for real though.

Didn’t turn on my laptop once the entire trip… this job, it’s not like that.

It was an amazing trip!

4 States ~ 3,000 km ~ 20 cities ~ 7 hotels
~ 50 dealerships & body shops ~1,000 laughs

And several excellent outfits.

Above bottom left: 1 pair of 3″ boots for the entire 2 weeks ha.

My head feels heavy it’s so stuffed with information, it was 2 weeks of training, to get a real taste for what’s this job I just signed up for, and OMG really? Guys I won the job lottery.

A job can actually be this fun, plus profitable and ethical?… basically I go around keeping cars cosmetically beautiful… the new car smells has not left my life… automotive industry people are so fun #AutoForLife… one guy even arranged for me to do a fake cold call on a dealership!

“Hi hi I’m Keri, let’s talk about dents. And we do beautiful wheels, too.”

Every day was different, intense and awesome.  Seems sales is an early start (to which I’m still adjusting) then it’s go go GO full throttle, then full stop at 5pm.

A couple times by the day’s end I was so wide-eyed and keyed-up I’d have to go wander around Walgreens to decompress.

The States is invigorating eh, there’s this buzz in the air that’s not as prevalent in Canada.

Returned home Friday night amazingly over-stimulated, a puddle-version of myself.

Spent the weekend doing nothing with my brain… manual labour around the house, a night with a neighbour yell-laughing too loudly too late, a Super Bowl party, and jogging pants.

And arranged This Week’s Flowers.

Almost back to myself.

I have some equally action packed weeks ahead, but then as I settle into the routine of this job, a system for better blog updating will happen too. Leave it with me guys, on it.

Until then, check out these badges – Canadian dealers – you want these.

Instead of a terribly tacky plastic licence plate brackets, one of these; way more likely to be left affixed.

xo Keri



What Am I Going To Do With This Hair

Worst hair in 5+ years.

It’s needs a style.  And it’s not your screen, it’s urine colour in real life, too. It’s pretty damaged to be honest.  Should I dye it dark brown?  Or take the risk and blonde it up?  Which I miss very much.

I think something’s wrong with my phone camera.

Or the lighting in here is weird, my photos aren’t sharp lately.

It could be my home though, it is quite white.

I accidentally poisoned this week’s flowers, too much of that food they give you at the store.

Kay back to video editing. I’ve made peace with the new Final Cut X, finally.  For the record I’m still meh about it.  Kay that’s the last you’ll hear of it.




It Was a Quiet Weekend

I haven’t felt like living online these last few days.

Happens. Always passes.

Saturday night looked like this.

Glued out, filtering photos while replaying and reviewing the week in my head. I think that’s important to do.

On Thursday I attended a Breast Cancer fundraiser for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.

They’re a class act who do important research and run a tight ship. I’ve been inside plenty, the bell is the best part of the whole place ;).  Please give.

My BFF was the evenings’ keynote speaker, then she heated up the stage in the fashion show.

I said nothing online during her treatment, but too bad missy, I get this one time – your toughness is impressive, you wore cancer better than anyone, and I’m so happy you’re back love you.

Internet, this is my favourite cancer story: deep into her treatment her insurance company calls, they’re all confused; how was she at work this much, if she’s undergoing chemo, radiation and surgery? HA she’s that tough.

On Sunday, this.

It wasn’t until I pulled into the same industrial park that it hit me. Then I got all reflective and pensive.

That’s not my best profile pic is it, let’s change that. Done.  Here is the new one.

Classic Keri.  KeriCDN.

Recent outfits.

Picked up fresh flowers this afternoon.

I’ve kept fresh flowers around, long as I can remember. They make a place a home, and don’t have to cost a lot.

I like carnations actually, they’re colourful, cheap and last 2 weeks.

And that concludes this blog post.



Failed Footage from Thursday

I’d set out to film the welcome video for my security show, at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Too much went wrong to use any of the footage.  Hello I’m headless.

So many shots like that. I had to use my Flip Camera (RIP Flip), which doesn’t have a screen to see.

I also came out covered in shadows.

This shot’s audio is full of strangers walking by loudly.

This shot accidentally worked out.

What a waste of good curls.

I did though, take some of the footage used it to learn the new FinalCut Pro, which is a big enough deal I decided to give it it’s own post.

Have a great Sunday and long weekend!