140 is 245 is 4 is 2

Been looking forward to doing this math for years!

I can now because of this spreadsheet, a list of all videos on KeriBlog.com.

140 videos, a total of 245 edited minutes,
4 hours, or 2 feature length movies

Plus there’s the same amount over on The Canadian Explorer, and that video even has an editing style.

So by my math, I’ve edited the equivalent of 4 movies.




5 Pages of Videos Printed

Been keeping a list on my phone for years, “video ideas”. Each line is a topic for a video, with an accompanying script written in my head.

This weekend, I wanted an real-life copy and hit print… and 5 single-spaced pages came out :O

(blurred because obviously)

I did not think I had that many.  Topics include: driving / car reviews / security / my life theories.

Taken right after it happened, I’m pretty pleased with myself here.

I’ve alluded to getting editing help recently, but  but it’s been going well, and that’s what propelled the printing.

Don’t feel to elaborate, at the risk of jinxing it, but have to post this one…

… look how beautifully my audio is keyframed.



I Love Video Editing, Except for the Time

That’s not entirely true; I quite like how the entire world disappears when I open Final Cut.

(here’s what video editing looks like)

I like creating the video. Designing the flow, rhythm, and story, what innovative cuts can I make, the tone (aside – video editors have the power of god, not being dramatic.  Like, you could be the nicest interview, and I can still cut it to make you seem like a d-bag.

But once that’s done, still have a lot of time to put in ironing out audio, matching up decimal places between cuts, dry and so boring OMG.

Been running all my videos through Viddy lately, do you know them? They’re like, the Twitter of video. Edit the video using their phone app, then filter it, add music, and upload it to an active, friendly community.

Had a video pass 1,000 views recently, this one:

My Favourite On-Ramp In Toronto

It’s a long sweeping right, plus the lead-in is great. Go too: 43.615114,-79.552335


What Am I Going To Do With This Hair

Worst hair in 5+ years.

It’s needs a style.  And it’s not your screen, it’s urine colour in real life, too. It’s pretty damaged to be honest.  Should I dye it dark brown?  Or take the risk and blonde it up?  Which I miss very much.

I think something’s wrong with my phone camera.

Or the lighting in here is weird, my photos aren’t sharp lately.

It could be my home though, it is quite white.

I accidentally poisoned this week’s flowers, too much of that food they give you at the store.

Kay back to video editing. I’ve made peace with the new Final Cut X, finally.  For the record I’m still meh about it.  Kay that’s the last you’ll hear of it.




Oh Hi Hi

Left the city over the weekend.  Doesn’t smell like smog and a burning laptop up there.

Me yesterday. Which was Monday, which means ‘Car Swap Day‘.

I returned the Acura in Markham, then took  a taxi (!) to Mississauga.

Meet my driver, Sanjiwan. Welcome to my blog! We put the world to rights during the 45km trip, and it was awesome.

He taught me that in India, the Honda Civic is called a “City”. Neat, eh.

This week I’m driving an Infiniti G37 Coupe.

Tight steering, a rough ride, this is a sports car. Look for my blur this week :|

Hmmm, what else… I downloaded new apps, to make my photos here on KeriBlog even more beautiful.

Tweeted this.

Been video editing.

I’m adjusting to the new FinalCut X, which is taking forever because it’s so different from my last five years.

It’s like learning how to edit all over again. Ask anyone who edits, “like the new Final Cut”? and bet 9/10 times: UGH no siiiiigh.

See the arrow pointing at the white dots? That’s audio being key framed, which you really need, which I had to watch several tutorial videos to figure out.  Okay okay, </rant>.

Screenshot from editing.

Changed the top of my blog header from wood to grass.

Posted a new profile pic.

A big congratulations to 1188 Films on their

MMVA Sunday night for “Best Post Production”!!

Gotta run, TTY on Twitter.