An Electronics Graveyard Looks Like This

I keep my laptop in a neoprene sleeve, which I carry in a laptop-specific backpack.  I am careful with it, I dust it weekly.

The owners of these likely did the same.

And now…

Zip Drives, remember those?

“No way, I can store 100MB on ONE DISK whaaat!?!?”

And boxes of modems.

A 28.8k modem from US Robotics.

And now, all this is landfill.

This is partly why I don’t swap out my phone often. I’ve had a cel since the 90s, and just 7 phones in total.

(missing is a Palm Treo, a Motorola V60, and my current iPhone 4)

(you bet I wore the StarTAC in its holster, on my hip, like a boss)



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