Trip South Update, New Blogs are Coming & My New Jogging Pants

WEAR SUNSCREEN! YES I’m yelling at you. You’ll thank me in 2034.

Remember ‘The Emporium’…? When I set up all my belongs like a department store and invited people to come take my stuff?

That video is half-edited, it’s getting there. There’s just never enough time, is there.

Actually, I’m going to go ahead and re-embed an old video here, one from my ‘Just a Minute Series’

How about my new blog titles eh??? … come ON :D


But Keri on Security… oh this is some of my best work yet. Have a half-drafted post here for later this week with shots from the intro and more.


Click here to see my new jogging pants, they got their own post.

Here’s the link to Posterous – go start that blog you’ve been daydreaming about.

It sort of looks like I green-screened this video, doesn’t it?! ;)