Well that First Week Back Flew By

It’s a luxury car week, a Jaguar XF, $75k.  It’s big.  Been liking it.

Put on a road trip earlier this week, a 400 km one.

Mobile office front seat.

I have this down, this “publish and run the show from anywhere, with a little backpack”. Took years though. And thanks again, TELUS.

This afternoon, we sat down and 2pm, and got up at 7:30. New blog coming very soon. Finally!

You’ll be able to …. use the search bar. Leave a comment. It’ll be like 1998 around here.

Non-nerds: best metaphor I can think of: re-doing a blog is like a house renovation; a big deal, there’s nervousness. So if slow updates here, that’s why.

What I look like tonight.

Don’t feel like being on camera today. Put in a big week, this one. Joggging pants, obviously. Been working out eh, started 4 months ago. It’s sticking this time, and there’s those V-lines under there ha.

I’m on a patio hi hi, typing on my lap, alone, a beer to my right. Behind me, the conversation is about dogs. I’d rather be alone, than surrounded with people but have to listen to those stories.

Next week’s column was going to be aimed at the young generation, how they’re not bothering to get their licence. Until I heard the thump.  I snapped my head around, and there was a girl flat out in the middle of a four-lane downtown road, and the driver opening his door all stunted, and I could see the whites of his eyes from metres away.  Writing about that.

I’ll leave you with some photos, from cleaning off my camera.

Time to retire this dress that summer’s over; my nicest ‘Summer 2013’ dress, to be sure.

Outtake from Honda’s Manual Driving School this year.

Another one.

Blue dress.

1 of my 3 material weaknesses – jewellery.

Daydream time now, the end.


The Skip is Back in the Step

3 weeks on the road is too much.

Mega-decompression weekend; jogging pants only, with plenty of quietness, little talking, ahhh. Feeling back to normal, puffier, not haggard and melted.

#SundayCleaning, did some sewing, main-lined episodes of Community, and kicked off my blog re-build.

For the past couple months, the new frame has been being built, and now it’s at that juncture where only I can move the project forward. The list is daunting.  Every bullet you point you see above is 2 hours, anyway.  Sidebars are a time suck. Yesterday I wrote 8 ‘About’ pages omg.

Part of this re-build, is to clean up my social media accounts; so bad I’m wearing a winter jacket in my Twitter, and my LinkedIn is the world’s worst, doesn’t say auto journalist, or even KeriBlog.com I think.

Filming a car meetup this week; my Mustang review ran last week (I’ll blog it); and because I flew home Wednesday, it’s just my Jetta, back to schedule asap. This week’s column is about buying cars in bulk.

Coming up – several car reviews / the last 5 KoD columns / NFC / BlackHat / hacking cars / Vegas / security at the Honda Indy / Lincoln MKZ / 2 Land Rovers / the Raptor / and 9 videos are ready to go.

Here’s to a strong start to your week xo

This is going to be a great fall outfit.

A few recent additions to my lanyard collection.



The Weekend Went West

Plans were to leave city this weekend, but circumstances changed, and instead was marooned at home.  I had just wanted to escape the city, see green and non-city people.

So instead, I walked deep into downtown.

Out my front door with no destination, wandered aimless, looking at people and things, turning a corner when my heart said to.

Probably walked 10km.

Didn’t feel like being on camera all weekend.

This would make a beautiful photo shoot for, “This Week’s Car”.  I need to bring back that widget in my sidebar, on it.

I’m feeling over living downtown, everything takes too long, the traffic.  And I graduated myself out of the event circuit, so I no longer need to physically be here constantly.

The feeling to escape happens couple times a year. Over the years, friends have talked me out of some elaborate moving ideas.  I was reminded of one last week over dinner, “Keri, this is starting to sound like the time you were going to move Markham, and be an airport baggage handler”.

If you could see it in my head, you might nod at the brilliance; that was a good one.

Other ideas include: a coach house in Unionville; Etobicoke water front (both those ideas had actual places lined up); up by Senecca college; and Kingston.

Going to try and zero my inbox tonight, then video editing, I have a list of 7 half-edited ones here, including the Raptor off-roading footage that if I don’t upload soon, I’m going to smother myself with.

If I had help, even just one video editor, I could make videos all. day. long.

I dream of that… film whatever adventure, hand over footage, see it on YoutTube the next day.  I could churn out 3/day like that.  And like, if anyone should have reality cameras following them…  I am a weirdo magnet, and the stuff that regularly happens to me is ridiculous, like, I don’t bother telling half the stories it’s so unbelievable.

kk the end, off to Final Cut, enough babbling, can you tell I’m procrastinating  TTYT xo


Having an Allergic Reaction to Computer

Physically even, I’m cringing a bit while typing.  It’s 11:30pm on Saturday and this is the first I’ve touched it since yesterday afternoon; an eternity for me.  Slept most of the day, and while awake I’ve been powering through the new Arrested Development.

I’m sorry again for the long-lag of no updates this week, blogging on the road is one thing, but during a press test event forget it, way too packed and fast an itinerary.  Home Thursday night, then yesterday was busy ok fine, but also heavy. Nothing bad, but those roller coaster days are draining.

It’s a lot to juggle guys… full time writing for the paper, my blog has picked up big speed so fit that in, plus travel, plus if I don’t get imagination / daydream imagination time I start to lose it (where do you think this all comes from?), but that’s the first thing to go in a busy day, and I fell into old eating habits, and there’s so much exciting things to tell you, not sleeping is not a good solution because now I’m haggard on camera, and where’s the exercise supposed to fit it so I can be strong, not just to keep this going, but kick it to the next level…. and it’s June 1 today, and summer always passes so quickly…

I’m not complaining, but am frustrated. I may be slightly burnt out.  Kay done.  Thanks for listening.

Here’s some photos from last 10 days *hangs head*

TTY Monday.  I have to give priority to newspaper deadlines tomorrow.

xo Keri


Friendly reminder you haven’t backed up recently.

Bought a blue dress.

Trying to me more ladylike.

Me last Friday.

I went to a meeting dressed like that. I may be pushing this jogging pants thing.

Fanny packs though, are going to huge this fall.  Not being dramatic.

This weeks car: Infiniti M37xS

Saw a fighter jet at the Oregon airport.

Had a good hair day.

Last last week I ate mac&cheese 5/7 days.

Back I go into Arrested Development.


It Should Not be Thursday Already

It’s alarming me how fast weeks are passing. 2013 is 1/3 done. Oh time.

There was a lunar eclipse this afternoon, a full moon tonight, plus it’s Thursday night, best night of the week.  Things are gearing up for a big planetary alignment on June 5th, plan accordingly.

In less etheral news, I’ve booked a lot of travel for May = Mexico, Alberta & Oregon. Alberta to test the fully-refreshed Ford F150 Pickup truck wait, gets better, in Dinosaur Park. And it’s off with Acura to the winding roads of Oregon, for their MDX, a 7-seater SUV.

I’m behind on posting my columns, I will this weekend, because I really want you to read the pedestiran one. And the security one, obs.

At the risk of jinxing myself, starting Saturday my possible-new-assistant and I are sitting down to plan a week-long test of working together. I’m very excited. Tonight I made us a calender, and started a spreadsheet entitled; ‘Blog Post DRAFTS”, it’s 50 deep.

Below I am making said shared calendar. Sharing. Lessening control. Oh boy, guys.

Hope you too had a good Thursday night.  I finished all my jobs by 9, then jogging pants on and a quiet creative stuff only night, no work.

One thing I did was modify a Yada baby monitor Canadian Tire kindly sent me, and made it a new, more solid tripod system.

I’m going to stick it in my car then tada, my ’99 Jetta now has a backup camera / spy cam.

And I daydreamed and made notes & lists. And now there’s sticky notes everywhere, and I feel better. I have to have daydream & alone time, or I start to lose it.

What daydream & alone-time looks like.

Hand over mouth, always.

The turning point for this KeriBlog nonsense has never been closer guys.  I have a lot of irons here, there and around, and some seem like they’re about to kick off… if I can just get it just right… I think so.

Thanks for always checking in,


Look how hard I’m trying to eat better.

See that there? A bottle of spice.

I love ports.

I am wiped.