My Favourite Concept at the NAIAS Show

The Acura NSX

I gasped audibly when I saw it, this is so my style.

I learned afterwards that this is the second version of the NSX Acura has presented, but it was my first time seeing it.

The Movie that Played in my Mind when I Saw It

Somehow, this is ‘This Week’s Car’.

I book the car based around a big Friday, downtown evening event I have to attend. I clear my schedule and spend the days prior up north, practicing and training.  I put together a ridiculous outfit that matches the car (basically how I dress now, but flashy mercenary).

I place my team around the event’s entrance, cameras ready and communications in my ear. Subtly they start to clear the area, then you hear me before you see me (lots of superfluous revving is happening), and I come flying in, drift-to-park, blip the engine, then a team member calmly opens the door and assists me out, everyone melts.



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