Shopping Trick: Secondhand Stores in Rich Neighbourhoods

Castoffs from rich people are often high quality, luxury brand items that are well-maintained, if used at all. So secondhand, donation and thrift stores located in wealthy neighbourhoods tend to have better stock.

Found such a store while in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Found my new work purse.

Henri Bendel, retails for $300 USD, I paid $80 and had to cut the tags off.



What Driving a Luxury Car is Really Like

I canNOT find the photo of this column?! Vanished. Sorry! From memory, and very basically:

It’s not just buying a luxury car,
it’s the increase in accompanying costs

I mean like big luxury, like $6-figures+

Insurance goes up and it’s premium gas only. You find yourself parking at the back of lots, because repairing damage on a luxury car gets up there quick; parts and labour costs increase, and there’s less business that service such vehicles. And OMG if you crack a splitter.

2015 Jaguar XKR Coupe

5.0 L, V8

510 hp and 461 lbs.ft

Starting at: $109,125

This one: $118,000 

But ohhh to own a machine so fine.

Read it online at Autonet.



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I Win the ‘Driven the Most Expensive’ Game

The car world is often about one-up-manship, so in those situations I say this:

Human: what’s the most expensive thing you’ve driven, Keri?
Me: You go first
Human: Bentley Continental GT, $276,000
Me: Warship, $millions

I say it with a smirk, because it’s a stretch for sure, but, technically I win.

Video still proof:

See the uneasy in my eyes? The thing is so tippy.

In 2009 I sailed for 2 nights with the ship, from Toronto to Sarnia.

Here is Episode #33/80 – ‘Exploring the Canadian Navy’

FF to 2:40 to watch the driving part.

At the end that’s me in uniform, firing that huge cannon. See me flinch? Exactly; natural gunner.

Here’s the blog post with more about the trip, and here’s the post about how I got myself home from Sarnia (hitchhiked on a plane).

There’s a big backstory to this episode you don’t know (because I never told you), but one day I will; it’s pretty good.



Remove the License Plate Brackets

Those plastic, flimsy things emblazoned with a dealership’s name… they have to go.

Favourite line:

… the worst offenders seem to be exotic car owners. Play a game today: spot an exotic withOUT one.

Looks sloppy and unfinished.


See how much better it looks when removed?
Clean, polished, finished.

Author of this week’s column, hi hi.

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