Car Badging and De-Badging

Mixup with the headline this week; that’s actually the file name HAHA

KOD – Keri on Driving
FTP = file transfer protocol

What these badges mean, and the thinking behind removing them completely.

Read it online at

Favourite line:

It’s funny that, of all the parts of a giant machine, it comes down to these tiny letters.

Here’s a bad photo of a good example of a de-badged car.

Nice and clean, eh.


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1 Driver’s Test every 64 years?!

It’s odd to me, that with arguably one of the most dangerous things we all do, we’re tested once when we’re 16, then not again until we’re 80… that’s a 64-year spread?! 

Read it online here.

Favourite line:

… because if the airbag deploys mid-turn, Jimmy’s arm will punch Jimmy in the face.


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What a Dirty Car Says about You

What if you have to give your boss a ride?

Or there’s someone cute, “ahh ya, climb inside my garbage pit..”

Favourite line:

You wouldn’t sit in your living room surrounded by fast food bags, so why is that acceptable in a car?

Also, the 3rd paragraph.

(Meet SmashCan Jimmy)

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I Invented Someone, Meet SmashCan Jimmy

He works for Smarten Up, Internet.

He’s ready for action, has all the major accounts:

I even got him into the newspaper last week, click here, right column, first paragraph:

“… until the eye comes to rest on “SmashCan Jimmy’s Dealership of Amazingness” stamped in now-faded gold lettering…”

Now he owns a car dealership.  I should update his bio.

We chuckled when Google couldn’t find his face. Like how I keep anthropomorphizing him?

The purpose of SmashCan Jimmy: I send him out

to click on scams, visit sketchy streaming sites hosted overseas,

enter contests with his work email,

his password will be password, he’s the worst.

He’ll be wide open and vulnerable to attack, get attacked, then we’ll see what happens.

(note: all the above will happen only on my old white laptop, never my work computer, never would I do this with my personal accounts and name. Be careful where you click out there).


Remove the License Plate Brackets

Those plastic, flimsy things emblazoned with a dealership’s name… they have to go.

Favourite line:

… the worst offenders seem to be exotic car owners. Play a game today: spot an exotic withOUT one.

Looks sloppy and unfinished.


See how much better it looks when removed?
Clean, polished, finished.

Author of this week’s column, hi hi.

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