I Love to Sew

Have since I’m very young, single digits young.

Gotta work out what to do with the sleeves.  I think the shoes on the right are more correct.

I also enjoying quilting, look:

That stitching is quite intricate, and gold, so beautiful. And just to say it, that’s a difficult pattern.

It’s made out of handkerchiefs, and NEVER again don’t do it; the material is too thin and very tough to work with.  Click here to find out why the photo of said quilt is so bad, and here to meet Andy, who I gave it quilt to.  Ahhhh the benefits of having had a blog forever, that last link is from 2008!

Oh wait!  Just had a great idea… I’m gonna go grab some embed code, one sec…

Kay – here’s the video that’s playing in the above photo…. so meta.

I recently lost my miiiiind over this song. It’s Skrillex and I’ve been OCDing out.

The break at 0:40, listen to at least that, because when have I ever blogged about music? Only once before.



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