$2.5 Million in One Frame

It’s a McLaren– a British car worth $500,000-ish.

This isn’t like, I own an exotic Porsche, this is a different level of rich.

When I posted this online, I was asked if I was testing it. First, like where your heads are at. But really, I’ve no business reviewing one of these.

Not only have I not driven enough cars of this calibre, but this is 616 hp with 443 lb-ft of torque.

I’d be nervous behind the wheel… one small mistake is at least 5 figure$, and this is like, the most powerful engine you can own, this’ll get away from you real fast.

And to really maximize a car like this, the driver would have to be quite skilled, they’re few and far between.

This is what I’m thinking about, while some super-car owner is telling me all about how he finds the car to drive.

Spotted at the Toronto McLaren dealership.


Remove the License Plate Brackets

Those plastic, flimsy things emblazoned with a dealership’s name… they have to go.

Favourite line:

… the worst offenders seem to be exotic car owners. Play a game today: spot an exotic withOUT one.

Looks sloppy and unfinished.


See how much better it looks when removed?
Clean, polished, finished.

Author of this week’s column, hi hi.

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