Stick Families are a Terrible Idea

Can’t believe they’re still popular, like…. still?! 

Even their location is dumb – why put them directly in the rearview mirror’s view?

Favourite line:

Stick families broadcast personal information, and are an unnecessary breach of personal security.

I’ve been collecting photos for a year.

Bottom right is mildly amusing.

Surely you’ve seen the “Anti-Stick Family” stickers.

Maybe, but you still have a stick family on your car.

Worst sticker I’ve ever seen:

A good social engineer will use that information,
to get directly into the victim’s mind and heart.

Example: the attacker Googles the name of the deceased, finds the cause of death.

Then, they “run into” the car’s owner, “yup, I’m just passing through here, trying to reach my donation goal for my charity, it’s to benefit [cause of death].  Oh, that’s a cause close to your heart, and you’ll donate?  Thanks so much.”

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