It’s Nervous Driving Freshly-Painted Rims

We’re real busy with rims, so had to help with delivery. 

Can’t wrap them up tight because the paint is fresh, but a road bump could send them moving, one tiny hit would nick them, now they have to be re-done, bye profit and happy customer.

The nervousness comes from that I’m a driver a heart, everywhere I go it’s with sprit… but I’m also a complete airhead sometimes… no fast movements stay focused Keri, nice and easy onto the offramp… hey a new Golf R, oh cool how the caliper’s R shows through FOCUS Keri here comes a bump…

Non-car nerds: one tiny nick on a rim is unacceptable. If you’re not into rims this may seem extreme; it’s not.

18″ AMGs colour-changed to glossy black.

They came out beautiful; we produce high-quality results.

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Oh No Guys – my Blog is About to Break

On all 2,272 posts the photos are going to go missing.

I just went to my Picasa page and there was the news.

The Problem

  • All my blog photos are hosted by Google’s Picasa, then I embed each into each a post
  • Google is shutting down Picasa, and moving everything to Google Photos
  • Picasa will no longer be supported, so unsure what will happen with the embed code

Embed code looks like this:

<ahref=””><img src=”” height=”640″ width=”640″ /></a>

The code means: insert here, this photo, from this album, in these dimensions

When I read the news I sat like this,  not moving for a good 12 minutes.

Stomach sunk and not blinking, my mind racing. This is a big problem that can’t be ignored or pushed off.


The $15 million in cars will disappear.

My sidebar is toast.

All the mini-blogs will break: (security)

All that time, care and attention I invested…

1 – the chance embed code will still be supported is small – there can’t be many of us who use it, or it’d have got a mention

2 – the desktop application will be gone too

3 – changes take affect May 16, 2016

The Solution

  • Google Photos will respond kindly to my passionate & polite letter
  • sure, a script can be written and things moved from one server to another, if/then statements installed…  but with what extra time? By whom? How much will that cost?
  • practice un-attachment and let the blog break, then cease to exist


Any ideas leave in the comments please.

Send good luck please!

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