Airpot WiFi Looks like This

Pretty eh.

And unsafe – airport WiFi is the most dangerous network in the world.

Why? Read these 2 posts – here’s a possible attack, and the time when I was compromised using it at ORD Chicago.

How to Protect Yourself

Don’t connect to it.

Okay fine you have to?

Tether your phone, via USB, to your laptop.

Not possible? Then do this:

– check the network name and verify it’s actually the airport, and not someone spoofing it. Example: FreeWiFiAtPearson is probably fake

– only visit sites using SSL (the address bar will have an S in it – httpS:// – like that)

– turn on your firewall

– never enter any logins or credentials; banking from an airport WiFi connection is practically begging for it

– use a VPN – Virtual Private Network

turn off WiFi on both phone and laptop when not in use

Another screenshot of airport WiFi.

WAIT. This just hit me… could that printer be a honeypot?

That’s in Miami, and seems odd to permit a printer to be unlocked – ( why to always lock your printer here) – and like, if I was in charge of securing an airport I’d tell the vendors lock theirs…..

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Insurance Designed for Young Drivers

Geared totally towards the most risky population segment to insure – young and new drivers – ingenie has seen success over the UK and has arrived in Canada to try and repeat success.

Basically – plug the device into your OBDII port and trade information on your driving style for a break on insurance. Prove you’re a safe driver, get discounts. Prove you drive like a d-bag, lose discounts, plus a psychologist calls you.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

If that happens, your phone will ring and a psychologist will be on the other end, who will talk to you about why you’re driving like a jerk and endangering others.

Currently, the company is modifying a device just for me to test, stay tuned for that.


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Hard Buttons are Coming Back

Let this please be a trend – replacing all this touch-control nonsense and revert back to hard buttons.  

Because touch is the opposite of ergonomic, and practically impossible to use without looking, which defeats its purpose.

This is the all-new 2015 Ford Edge.



Have a Great Weekend Guys

Wrapping up my deadlines for the paper here, then going to take a destination-less drive in the sun, then hold down my couch tonight, I’m still so wiped, below was not taken today ;)

First day of spring today! Should be a good night out there, everyone all energized because the the warmer weather and daylights savings, toast me kay xo




My Race Car is on Display at Nissan Canada HQ

Rememeber that time I was a factory driver for Nissan, and competed in Targa Newfoundland Rally 2014?

My car is on display in front of Nissan’s Canadian headquarters.

Blog tag = Targa, updated daily during the race

Wrote a column about it – “Screaming through Newfoundland’s Suburbs” – here

The suburbs looked like this.

It’s a 2015 Nissan Micra, blog tag here.

It performed great nothing broke, it was manual, even coined a term to describe the Micra, “it’s a Car-Car.”

My co-driver and a favourite human, Michel Crepault.

Rally math.

In the zone.

All this was typed with a massive grin.