Don’t Know what to Title This

Mid-week mid-July oh boy 2014 is over half finished! Done enough with it? Time is only going to pass faster, get offline; you’ll never look back from your deathbed wishing you Facebooked more.

All’s well here, jamming 16 hours into 8. It can be done but the price is I’m wiped. Bet I’m in bed before the sun is.

From here on, no big events or travel itinerary to report, and I’m glad. Just want to get caught up and be stationary in my couch nest for a minute, maybe two.


I finally have this working-from-the-road act down to a science. Takes longer than you think, but you can pull it off, do it.


Spent the Afternoon with Honda at the Track

Honda invited my blog to Mosport today, for their #TameTheTrack event in celebration of this weekend’s Indy race. Easily one of the best events I’ve attended.

First, I drove an open-wheel Formula F car.

Then a gokart race. I won my heat, and had the fastest lap time of the whole day.

Then, my first track time. A Civic Si around the development track for 45 minutes!

I have video, a ton of photos, and next week’s column is about mind control.

Because I’d put my concentration skills up against anyone’s, but by the end of that 45 I was losing it. And that these racers can focus intensely for 2 hours seems superhuman to me.

Thank you Honda! And how appropriate it was you to give me my first track time.




Guys it’s Going to be a Light Blog Week

I have so much going on, which I alluded to in the previous post, because guess what I did… I bought a house PHFT as IF I just typed that. Doesn’t feel real. But I did! See ya later downtown FINALLY. Been trying to escape for 1.5 years.

But I have to learn about mortgages and home inspections, I seem to be constantly faxing something, and know how hard it is to find a fax machine? Figured out a few tricks which I’ll share. I had to use an internet cafe earlier today, may need a tetanus shot after that experience.

I’ll tell you all about it, and more about Subaru in Newfoundland last week, plus I’m 10 videos behind on editing, and as many cars need blogging, shook hands to host a show about cars for a new internet show, know it doesn’t look like it but I’m pretty sick like surgery-sick, and my phone, laptop and blog have been under attack for over a week now, maybe the worst it’s been in years.

Thankfully not travelling anywhere this week, and tomorrow I’m with Honda at Mosport! Heard there’s a racing component ohhh competition.

Leave it with me this week please, because it’s still full-steam ahead at the newspaper (which doesn’t care about my mortgage or infected computer), and thanks for always checking in XO

I’ll leave you with this week’s car, and the helmet I wore signing for it, because BHG is the best.

Ford’s all-new 1.0L engine – manual only!

Full review found here.



Holy Crap I Killed Today

I have so much to tell you, not trying to be mysterious, but you know know how jinxy I am.

Finalized a huge life changing decision today, am in stage 4 of sleep deprivation and here’s to your weekend. I’ll leave you with a photo of the aforementioned moment, I’m off to celebrate huge.


Almost Missed Blogging Today

Landed in the afternoon, have 3 deadlines tomorrow morning, and a massive day lined up. So it’s 2am been tucked into my computer doing that sorry.

I’m behind, and the content and posts are piling up, but I’m not travelling for the next couple weeks so can catch up. Sitting on unpublished content is a terrible feeling.

Oh! It’s a Super moon Saturday night July 12th, as well as the longest day of this Mercury Retrograde, here comes the weirdness.

TTYT back to this fact file