Cheersed You with 3 Olives

It was my monthly steak dinner with my BFF, always with martinis. Lots of cackling. Tonight more martinis than usual.

Scrubbed my attic and wrote the news today (Hack a Tesla, get a job –, but that plus the above means the 5 half-drafted posts I have here, will be published tomorrow.

Probably the most balanced summer I’ve had in 7 years. Good.



ALS #IceBucketChallenge

I accept my nomination for the ALS #IceBucketChallenge from Didier Marsaud.

I nominate Jim Kenzie, Mark James and Daniel Morad.

6 kg.

I like how this bucket thing has ignited across the internet. Hope everyone who participates also gives their $10, not just the video part.  Here’s the donate link.

Here’s to all ALS sufferers to feel better, because a disease that keeps the mind sharp, while the body decays around it, is the cruelest.

See me flinch? Exactly.



Taking a Long Weekend

Need to, I have so much house stuff happening, like this.

Basically, I’m turning a 3-season house into a 4-one.

Did this to my kitchen today, and then had the ceiling cut out, so the insulation guys can access everywhere.

And I have _got_ to order furniture.

My love of minimalism is working against me, because it’s now almost a month of still living with nothing, sleeping on an air mattress, hi from my trunk.

Plus one thousand other things I won’t bore you with.  Have a big meeting Friday about an upcoming event I haven’t told you about, and a bunch of security posts I haven’t had required laser-beam focus to write, everything is still normal over at the newspaper, that’s all I know for now the end.

Have a great weekend TTY Monday.



Summer Beers Tonight

Instead of blogging.

Hard to remember it’s the vacation months, of account of my frozen fingers typing this wtf.

TTYT, till then, here I am driving.

Hi hi.