This House Renovation is a Full Time Job

Oh guys. No dramatics, it is, and I am over it. I already have 2 full time jobs, this 3rd is sucking the life out of me.

This is from today, on my finally-clean floors.

That’s a plumber and 2 contractors, and they were so good about it, taking off their shoes at 9am, but by 11am it was, “Keri we can’t work like this, your dream is dead”.

It’s probably good I had no idea what I was getting into when I bought this place in July, because O M G. 3 months in and I am, still, a squatter with a mortgage.

Out with the old hot water tank. It was from 1989.

All I want to do is drive this Subaru BRZ in my driveway.

Instead I am knee-deep in plumbing lessons and water heaters.

But I now have soft water! Do you even know how huge a deal this is? Non-homeowners: massive. Get ready to see a non-greasy-looking head of hair.

Finally ate at eight, then built a lab in my backyard for my Sylvania headlight test. That post, and conclusion, coming later this week.

kk I have email to do before bed, and it’s late so TTYT

And sorry again for…

This house stuff, the end’s in sight, and very soon it’s
back to regularly scheduled programming of
cars, security and as it should be.

You have a hat light too? So helpful.



Your Data is Stored in Here

This is a data centre.

If you store stuff in the cloud,
this is what those photos & files
look like in real life

1 – housed in a well-ventilated building
2 – a backup power supply, to ensure continuity
3 – through the doors is your stuff

This would be considered a small-ish data centre.

A big one, probably like Facebook’s, would use the same amount of electricity as a small town.

There’s environmental controls like air conditioning (these places get very hot), and fire suppression systems.

Even if you use the cloud to back up your stuff, it’s a good idea to make your own physical back up, and to make two.



First CVT I’ve Ever Liked

Found in Subaru’s 2015 WRX.

Non-car nerds: CVT - Continuous Variable Transmission, a new type of engine that’s en vogue. Instead of fixed, mechanical gears, it uses a belt that can be programmed to have an infinite number of gears.

You can identify a CVT in 2 ways:

1 – when you stomp on the gas, it’s one second two second, and then the engine kicks in and launches

2 – the high-pitched, loud whine it emits

That whine is the sound of “improved fuel economy”, which is why automakers are switching to them; CVTs claim better fuel consumption than their mechanical counterpart.

I don’t like CVTs because of points #1 and 2.

But Subaru masked the loud whine, and instead there’s a little boxer engine growl, and they definitely solved the launch lag, because over and again I was, “woah I’m at 80 already? Nice.”



Blogging for the Record

The “Haven’t Missed a Day Yet this Year” record. Feels good to type that. But also, thats my way of saying, “this will be a weak daily blog update not the proper full page refresh”. Guys please wish for me an assistant.

Today was action packed. Fridays are always stupid busy with 2 newspaper deadlines (news = A new Auto Alliance for Cyber Security), then I was the surprise guest at the Nissan Annual Employee Meeting, my Targa team and I.

That’s the most people I ever spoke in front of (300-ish, said a couple of lines about loving competing, and that a stock Micra performed surprisingly amazing, hope you guys feel proud you built a great car.)

Then a last team dinner, and I’ve finally arrived home, to 25lbs of newly hemmed curtains in my lobby!, plus a couple Corona, so that’s tonight’s agenda and that’s me complete for this mega week, TTY Monday, enjoy the warm weather and sun!

The Nissan Micra Cup Race officially kicked off at today’s meeting, introducing Canada’s best-priced racing series, the Micra Cup.

Tell ya about it in another post, short answer why I like it is: all entry cars are the same, therefore the playing field and game is evened out.

Hi Nissan guys, nice to meet you today, took your photo! :) I blogged every day from Targa, here’s my adventure: #TeamNissanMicra

Reunited for a second ahhh; gave it a loving pat.

Snuck away for some silent time as always.

This post came from my new coffee table, on a rug, on a clean floor, guys seriously GUYS. Operation winterize-a-cottage-into-a-house is thisclose to being done.

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