WiFi in Cars is Coming this Summer

I’ve written about it at work, but this was my first experience using it in real life.

For more details, read my column from February.

1 – it functions much like the Hotspot feature on a cel phone: car broadcasts WiFi > passengers connect to car > go online

Securing your car will be similar to securing your home WiFi.

2 – choose this option, WPA2
3 – don’t bother with WEP
4 – if you check this, please leave my blog

Because remember, you are legally responsible for Hotspot users.

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Talking About Rat Rods

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

Then, couple those 500 hp specs with the niche’s bare essentials styling, and the power-to-weight ratio of some of these cars is excellent. They’re also not easy to drive. In fact, the idea is that the harder it is to drive, the better the rat rod.

These are some of the aforementioned rat rods built by the crew of the show ‘Vegas Rat Rods‘, premiering April 17 on Discovery Canada.

And this is Twiggy, the female star of the show, whom I interviewed for the column, and great Canadian girl.




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Happy 50th to the Ford Mustang

To celebrate the 50th Annivesary of the Mustang (April 17, 1964), Ford hosted a photo shoot, and I got to go up in a crane to shoot this.

Crane shoot!

Thanks Ford, that’s a first.

This is the 2015 all-new Ford Mustang, or #50.

Choose a 3.7-litre V6, or the GT’s 5.0-litre V8. More details will be released soon.

Ford also invited a Mustang Club out for a, ‘Show & Shine‘.

This model year sticks out in my mind.

I made a mega-gallery for work, here: Autonet.

Next week’s Keri on Driving column, is about the women behind this iconic car.

I reviewed the Mustang for Sun Media last summer.

Specifically, it was a VP at Ford’s car.

I picked it up, pointed it home downtown, and accidentally right into the epicentre of that July freak flood rainstorm mess.

Thanks for the photo help, Calvin of CanadianAutoReview.ca.

A. Crane.

Congratulations, Mustang! I love your engine note.



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