Okay so Today is my Birthday

You won’t find the date anywhere online, not LinkedIn or Facebook, only here, and rarely. Because I don’t like the empty attention.

(not sure what those lights are on my cheeks… sprites?)

Spent the day working. The interview went well, then I attended the unveiling of Pfaff Porsche’s exclusive 50th Anniversary 911, at the Magna Golf Club.

What I look like on this day #documenting

Fast fact: that skirt was a birthday present 17 years ago.

I’ve spent a lot of birthdays alone, more than most. Kinda like it. Not this year though, kinda like it.

And with that,
I’m taking tomorrow off from blogging.

Plus, how great is that it’s Thursday night, best night of the week?!

TTY Monday xo



I’m in an Ikea-Building-Party Nightmare

Remember when I bought a house-worth of furniture yesterday? Took delivery of 17 pieces at 1pm.

Was most looking forward to the bed.

2 guys kindly came to help, thought we’d have everything built by tonight.

Was that ever delusional.

It’s going to take 4 times as long as I estimated.

And was delivered the wrong slats for the bed bottom.

I took my shopping list to the store too, to order everything with a human and avoid this. And they’re not just the wrong slats wait, this type isn’t even for sale on the website.

The slats that came out of the ether.

I was so close to getting off an air mattress guys. It’s been 2 months now.

(if we’re just meeting: I bought a house, picked up the keys on July 25 and never went back to my condo downtown, been living out of a suitcase since, blog tag = house)

Ikea couldn’t have been nicer about it, almost over-compensated, so tomorrow I’ll swap the slats, plus… omg plus:

Tomorrow: 2 newspaper deadlines Friday morning, conducting an interview about auto security at 11am, then a Porsche 911 event at the Manga Golf Course tomorrow night, which is also my birthday, and therefore the last day EVER to drive my beloved Jetta because it failed the smog test so hard, and I have surgery Tuesday morning and haven’t been able to figure out how to hide that from you…

… so I’m going to sleep on the idea of putting my blog on pause for a week …. my life is becoming unsustainable, and the snow comes soon, I won’t be able to do crucial house stuff, but it’ll be the perfect blogging weather…




Here’s the Plan till Wednesday (updated)

My mind is still melted, and been sleeping a lot, but it’s still not enough.

Had to be up early, because today starts Phase 2 of turning this cottage I bought, into a house.  Right now they’re using some sort of mega saw and it’s shaking my desk.

I’m going to backdate 15 posts, to complete my Targa 2014 series.

Made it to Monday, then the big blog posts stopped and think you’ll agree the following ones were rather light. So I’ll fill you in over the next 2 days, then I’ll make one main post that contains links to everything, and by Wednesday I should be done and normal blogging will resume.

And this, I need to do more of this.

Not used to being around humans constantly, have some balancing out to do. Plus there’s world and auto news to catch up on, and celebrity gossip of course.

Have a good start to your week, TTY Wednesday.


So it’s Tuesday night, and note the lack of Targa posts?  Yup.

I was too ambitious in estimating my recovery time guys, I’m still a disaster.  Better than yesterday, in which I barely recognized myself, could hardly form a sentence and kept bumping into things.  My mind is still mush.

Phase 2 of winterizing my cottage is complete, but even that.  And all those work boots on my clean floors… ugh, round 100 with the bucket and brush.

I used up my vacation time at the newspaper last week, so it was back to work today and wrote the news, and then this afternoon there was a window, and instead of blogging I took it …. wait for it…. went and bought furniture.

It’s been exactly 2 months I’ve lived without anything except an air mattress.  It was fine and fun, now over it, the delivery truck is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

Not going to give you a timeline this time, sorry for my melted brain!, but leave it with me I am ON IT xo