Loudest Radio I’ve Had in Years – Chevy Trax

I need to hear my current OCD song loud, borderline painfully so.

But when I crank the volume in most press cars, it’s never loud enough.

This Chevy Trax exceeded that.

See above – that’s the volume I like, and the system is turned up only halfway. That’s loud.

Here’s a chart of how loud stuff is, by decibels.



Looking for a Lab

Seeking someone to click links for me, see where they go, and what action occurs, to help me solve some of these mysterious occurrences.

Like how I friended myself on Facebook, then accepted it.  Didn’t.

Or the time I replied to the below account, then all my Followers / Following disappeared.

Help for when my blog is under a password attack.

To open and click emails that make no sense.

Or help me find clues to whomever tried to get into my domain account this week.

Ideally we can verify each other’s identity through a mutual contact. Happy to pay or barter.

See more examples for your lab here.



If We’ve Only Ever Met at a Track…. Know This

You met the most hyper version
of me that exists.

In everyday life I am not so animated and yell-y… opposite actually, unaffected, stoic almost. Was once called “the Grumpy Cat of auto journalism.” Doesn’t help that I have “resting b*tch face.”

A handful of fellow auto journalists have commented, “It’s different, Keri you’re so… is it the track time?”

Yes it’s the track time.

I love it so much. Stopped trying to suppress it. Can’t.

KeriBlog -  Ever only met at the track

Good seeing these fellas the other day, as always!

This was during a 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport auto-cross event.

A 2.0L turbo outputting 240 hp and 250 lb.fts to a 9-speed transmission and standard all-wheel drive, starting at $41,790.

Same thing I always say about Land Rover – YES the launch and cornering on these elegant machines.

Did you guys proud – returned it reeking of brakes.



Beware of Bots in your Instagram Feed

Few weeks ago, I Instagramed the below photo, along with the hashtag #MrRobot

Within 13 seconds of posting, the account florstyles12 replied with the below comment.

By the next day, the comment had been deleted.

The Attack

A popular hashtag is posted > bot is programmed to automatically reply > reply is full of links to other accounts > curious recipient visits other accounts > malware is waiting in one of them

The Defence

Time. Note how fast the reply came back.

There’s no way to type those 8 tags in 13 seconds… try it. Right?!

Therefore – must be an automated reply, therefore not clicking and getting involved.

Think before you click.