Tracked this Today #Porsche

Am still vibrating.

Hosted by Pfaff Auto at Mosport’s Development track, it was my 1st Porsche experience (and 2nd track experience (same track last week with Honda.))

I learned what a proper corner feels like… effortless?! Memorized that feeling.

And I get “throttle steering” now, accidentally did that once. And the CAR. Like, it’s… just woah.

Had a great coach, thanks Brad.

Pfaff Porsche Track

Have plenty more photos, and a video.  Will post that next week.

Thank you Pfaff!



5 Years of the Honda Indy in Toronto

2014 marks 5 consecutive years, thanks Honda!

Cheered hard for James Hinchcliffe, Honda’s driver and only Canadian in the race.  Felt for you on those 2 setbacks. Your time is coming, don’t be worried.

Indy photo by Kanishka Sonnadara

(great shot eh, it’s Kanishka’s)

I asked James about how he’s able to concentrate deeply for so long, that’s the topic for this week’s column.

That part is so interesting to me, because really, every single thing, all the tech, design, money and math that are poured into this car, are all superfluous if the driver’s focus wavers.

New headers.

As close as you can get, to the fastest point,
with the most noise. Earplugs out always.

This is just before turn 3, the carnage corner.

Most crashes happen on this ridiculousness, are you kidding this turn.

I got this scarf printed in the paper HAHA.

It’s the photo for a column, one of my new favourites: The Mystery of the Checkered Flag

5 Year Highlights include:

1 - the 2012 Backstage Tour of the Indy here
2 – in 2011, I attended both days here & here (ask me about this entrance IRL)
3 - security at the Indy here
4 - the steering wheel, and what $20,000 in tires looks like
5 – five years of this sound…

Forever a ‘Top 3 Favourite Sound’

The original Civic was on display!

1973 – 40 years old now.

Here’s some history of this car; I wrote a ‘then & now’, and used it to illustrate – When the Side Mirror was Optional

And then there was a 3rd Generation Civic, a forever favourite, it gets its own post.

Here’s something kinda neat – 2 of the last 5 Indy’s, I’ve driven the display car, literally. (this year at Mosport, and the year the HFPs came out, at an airport)

And did you know Honda makes the world’s only manual transmission hybrid – the Honda CRZ.

More here.

Thanks for 5 amazing years Honda!

Here’s to your team this summer, wishing you lots of wins.



The Fondest Memories of the 4th Generation Civic

It was on display at the Indy.

Saw it and poof, was instantly awash with memories.

Maybe you are now too… remember these? Everyone and their dog had one, ahh remember discovering “the open road”… that crowd that customized this car had this great energy… remember the firsts…

Remember when 92 hp made us so happy.



Features I Wish Were Mandatory

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

Not all features need to be high tech. How about a proper dead pedal, and a handle on the inside of the trunk lid?

That’s my big items, what did I miss? Add yours to the list at Autonet.

Had help composing this list… Dan, Michael and Brian, thanks guys!


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