My 1st Public Speaking Engagement

Last night I spoke at a TASK meeting (Toronto Area Security Klatch – Canada’s longest-running get-together of Information Security professionals.)

It was their annual Black Hat / DEF CON review session at. I covered the Jeep hacking talk, but tailored my presentation to illuminate areas of the auto industry that need security help – because if you want to be employed forever, go into the auto security industry.

There were about 150 people, I had 14 slides and spoke for 8 minutes. 

(don’t know why the picture quality is crap, on my 3-week-old iPhone.)

A friend filmed it, but no no that’s not going online… watched the footage, sorry TASK for all the ummmms! It started like that even, “Hi I’m Keri, ummm.” Literally cringed while typing that. I’m more eloquent and better paced that that, nor so verbose that was 4 minutes too long, I was SO nervous.

But first one done! I enjoyed it. Think I could get good at this.

Go too.

Meets the last Wednesday of Every Month 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Metro Hall, Rotunda (On main floor, just past the elevators)
55 John Street, Toronto
SE corner of King St. & John St.



* note – technically I’ve spoke publicly once before, there’s a post about it. But it was to a crowd of 20, talked just about myself, back when I was part of a digital workspace in West Virginia.



Have a Job for Life – Go into Auto Security

It’s an emerging industry that’s growing ridiculously quickly, auto companies have endless money, and there’s many verticals being created to choose from.

New Job Possibilities

– fix CAN bus, that thing is a mess

– get good at D-Bus 

– work for the companies that build the infotainment units eg. Harmon Kardon

cellular companies, there’ll be a vertical dedicated to securing connected cars

– learn the QNX Operating System, 75% of cars use it

– figure out how to mass update older cars

– develop a penetration test for cars


And with this post, I’ve now summarized a talk, then summarized another talk about that talk HAHA.



OEMs – Please No More Interior Chrome Trim

It refracts sunlight too well.

It’s morning or afternoon > sun comes in on an angle > bounces off chrome > into driver’s eye > and temporary blinds them

Happened to me 3 times in 1 week. It’s only half a second but it’s jarring and catches you off guard, and hopefully you don’t jerk the wheel when it does.

Not picking on Jaguar here, tons of manufacturers use it, and to all: please no more.



The Problem with Chinese Motorized Vehicles

They’re often cheaper, and come equipped with more features, like the below ATV that has disc brakes.

Sounds pretty great right?

Finding parts and repairing them is the problem.

Once it breaks, often the only solution is to replace the entire vehicle because finding Chinese replacement parts is difficult.

In the example above, that’s a broken axle, and the solution is either to weld it (won’t work) or drill, thread then bolt it (the torque will knock it loose right away.) So the owner is stuck.

My ATV is a hand-me-down from China, and same thing – the tires are bald, and finding new ones is like an Olympic event.