Bet you Connected to Today

Bet you connected multiple times, too – it’s the site behind iTunes.

See – unless I approve the connection, iTunes doesn’t function.

mzstatic animated

Interesting eh, a site so many of us use heavily, yet we don’t know its name.

It’s a good idea to monitor connections, learn more here.




I’m On the Mazda Website

Specifically, my words are featured on the 2015 MX-5 sales page – here.

First time this has happened to me!

And of all my reviews to be quoted, this one’s a favourite. In my bio, it’s 1/3 I use as examples of my writing.

Read it on Autonet.

Ironically, this review was tough to write, blogged about why here.

Plus points for the photoshoot, which made it into the elusive blog tag – Special Car Photos.



What is HD Radio in New Cars

If a new car offers HD Radio, it means it’s a richer type of radio in 2 ways:

1 – the sound is digital, so it’s less noisy than analog FM

2 – it allows the radio station to transmit both audio and data

See how much information is on the screen?

How to contact the station via text or Twitter.  Then the screen refreshes, and shows the artist and song name that’s currently playing.

Many auto manufacturers offer HD Radio as an audio upgrade in new cars.

Example – the above screen is in a 2016 Mazda3 in which HD Radio comes standard, second trim (GX) and up.