Happy 45th Birthday Barbapapas

One of the only cartoons I watched as a kid. It’s from France.

Basic premise – a family of blobs that can shape shift. They sing “Clickety Click—Barba Trick”, and morph into whatever shape is best needed to help the situation.

Those guys on top of my fridge, the ones you sometimes see in the background of my photos, that’s them.




This is my 2,000th Blog Post


Above isn’t me right now, to be clear. Things kicked off at 5:30 am to keep this dream alive. But it will be me later.

Having a blog is the best. I’d have forgotten so much of the nonsense I get myself into if I hadn’t documented it here. In 2014 I didn’t miss a day eh, not one. It’s gonna be so great when I’m 80 and click through the archives, “oh ya that, and oh that time awwww.”

My blog has: put me in millions of dollars of new cars, tons of track time, endless products, sent me around North America, and got me the best job in the world – auto journalist.

If you’ve been thinking to start a blog, DO IT. It’s constantly surprising what it can produce for you.

For your blogging inspiration:

– creating a blog posts looks like
– and sometimes feels like this
– when stuck for ideas, just make an animated gif 
– this will become the scariest sight to see

– you’ll have to learn a little code, it’s okay it’s not hard
– luxury blogging looks like this
– maintain 2 folders on your hard drive
– my blog makes it through bank filters #proud
– this is polishing a blog

– tips for taking a good profile pic
– blogging is a _lot_ of time alone at your computer
– what crushing a blog post looks like
– making headers and sidebar art is genuinely fun

Finally, build the blog IRL before building it online.

Plus, blogging and jogging pants are practically synonymous, can’t go wrong with that pairing!

Here’s to a great long weekend, that it doesn’t rain on us, and that you laugh a lot.

Thanks for always checking in,

xo Keri