Hydrogen Fuel Cell is the New Thing

Hydrogen Fuel Cells are the newest source of power for all-electric cars.

Already used in factories and space, the fuel source’s attributes read like a dream list.

I speak with Hyundai about it, because their hydrogen-powered Tucson SUV was the first-to-market.

Read it online at Autonet.ca

Favourite line:

Think I did a good job explaining something complicated:

In science-speak, electricity is released during the chemical reaction caused by combining two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. That electricity is fed into a battery, which then powers the electric motor. When two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen are mixed, H20 (water) is created, which is what is emitted from the tailpipe, and why it’s considered a zero-emissions engine.

The problem is a lack of fuel-delivery infrastructure.  Because when did you last see a hydrogen refuelling station?  Exactly.


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