How to Speak Car Lingo

Carguys speak their own language. Brush up with this guide.

Read it online here.

Favourite lines:

It’s never a “whip” (a ’90s hip hop music term that has long passed its expiration date).


Take the term I use when describing my ‘99 Jetta, “hi, I drive a lunch box.”

See my lunch box here.

The tuner crowd’s language is even more refined.

To wit:

I drive a Honda
MB4 D16Y8 SOHC GT28RS Enkei RPF1 15×7.5 with a +35 offset

That’s in order: chassis code >engine > single overhead cam >turbo specs > brand of wheel > that’s 15-inch diameter by 7.5 inches wide > and the hub sits at 35.

That is this car.

(Thanks to my brother for help with the tuner language. That’s his line, and car)

And this week was my best ever cover mention.

Because look: they included my name, making this the most it’s ever been printed, nice.


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