I Don’t Like Hybrids

Why are we in such a rush to embrace such a new technology?  Let’s slow down a bit, the next fuel economy law changes don’t happen for another 12 years, there’s time.

We have time to consider the batteries and future recycling facility capacities, address the required driving style, and calm this fever surrounding hybrids that bugs me: “This is the definitive solution for the future! Pressurized, flammable chemicals are now under our hoods, batteries for all!”

Read it on Autonet.ca

Favourite line:

Often the batteries are built overseas, then transported via container ship, a vehicle that apparently consumes 5,000 litres of fuel per hour. How many hybrid miles do you have to put on, to even that out? 

Now, I’m pretty proud of this… zero comments?!?

What group loves to get worked up and preachy online?  Eco-loving-hippies. And not one had anything to add.

Defeated them with logic!


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