Let’s Go WarDriving

WarDriving – the act of searching for Wi-Fi networks from a moving vehicle, driven by someone interested in mapping the locations of Wireless Access Points (WAPs)

Lists are totalled: how many WiFis are locked, unlocked? What’s yours?

Favourite line:

Contrary to its name, wardriving is a relaxed style of driving … when you get down to it, wardriving is actually pretty boring. But the information it yields is not.

They used my collage! Love when that happens.

That’s 3 now (Stick Families are a Terrible Idea, and More Decorum, Please).

Read all my columns here. I started August 2012.

I have great news – as of today, my columns are now published on Autonet.ca! Until now, they printed and that was it, gone.

As a professional documenter, oh the anxiety that created.


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