Licence Plate Snitching Websites are Dirty

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For this week’s column, I wrote about a new type of website – don’t like how someone is driving? Take a photo of their licence plate and car, upload it to one of these websites, and broadcast what you think for all the world to see.

This is dirty, and really, who are you to judge?

From a distance, someone driving to the hospital while under medical duress, might appear the same as a drunk driver. Not linking to those sites.

Favourite lines:

All so you can what, be a tattle-tale? A budget vigilante?


2 of my favourite internet lines – ‘the internet is forever’ & ‘Google never forgets’

I was in Oregon with Acura when this printed, so being 3 hours behind I woke up to discover this column was a topic on the radio show AM 640!

(non-Toronto people, this is one of the most popular talk-radio shows)


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