Ford Finally Fixes its Sync Software

Ford’s SYNC2 infotainment system was a disaster. So when I went to Detroit and tested the SYNC3 prototype, I figured there was only one way for this thing to go.

Gone is Microsoft, and the operating system is now Blackberry’s QNX OS, the user interface is minimal and intuitive, the system is WiFi capable, and Ford is first to bring Over-the-Air (OTA) updates to mass market. Short review: hugely improved, and now quite slick.

Read it online at Autonet.


Favourite line:

SYNC will have WiFi capabilities, allowing the driver to turn their car into a Hotspot (use WPA2 WiFi security – never connect your car to a public network, and remember you’re legally responsible for Hotspot users.)


Remember – YOU are legally responsible for those using your Hotspot, here.

More about the trip to Michigan here.

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