Ford Finally Fixes its Sync Software

Ford’s SYNC2 infotainment system was a disaster. So when I went to Detroit and tested the SYNC3 prototype, I figured there was only one way for this thing to go.

Gone is Microsoft, and the operating system is now Blackberry’s QNX OS, the user interface is minimal and intuitive, the system is WiFi capable, and Ford is first to bring Over-the-Air (OTA) updates to mass market. Short review: hugely improved, and now quite slick.

Read it online at Autonet.


Favourite line:

SYNC will have WiFi capabilities, allowing the driver to turn their car into a Hotspot (use WPA2 WiFi security – never connect your car to a public network, and remember you’re legally responsible for Hotspot users.)


Remember – YOU are legally responsible for those using your Hotspot, here.

More about the trip to Michigan here.

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A BlackBerry Q10 Review

While physically it’s a beautiful phone, and the OS is greatly improved since my old Bold…

BlackBerry’s security is why you buy.

Of the 3 big ones (Android / BB / iPhone) BlackBerry does end-user security best.

3 small examples:

1 – find most of the features I’m talking about in there
2 – the security section of the help file has 32! items, huge
3 – more feedback and control over

I didn’t realize I missed having more control over my phone, until I did (currently on iPhone).

Security aside, the Q10 made me miss having a BlackBerry. Remember the BBM days? (I’ve had a cel phone for 15 years, see my history here).

Saturday night Skyping.

It was nice to type on a physical keyboard again.

BB Q10

(aside: best part of getting a new phone is this)

Modified my GoPro for filming.

It worked well as my car stereo.

Before I hooked it into my home WiFi, I took the opportunity to change my router password.

(here’s how to do that)

Lastly, the OS.  I had an epiphany about the OS when writing about cars a couple weeks ago… click here to read about BlackBerry’s QNX OS, which is poised to become the go-to-OS for all auto infotainment systems… this is HUGE, this is what could bring BlackBerry back to its former glory.

I feel excited for you BlackBerry; I think this Q10 is terrific,
and good luck with your comeback! #GoCanadaGo

PS – fellow car-nerds: it’s a 2013 Infiniti M37xS, here’s the blog post about it

PPS – Thanks to TELUS for this opportunity


Maybe Why Prem Watsa Never Sold his Stock

Guys I think I cracked it. I had an epiphany 2 weeks ago…

I was surfing around, sourcing stories for, and I stumbled on news about BlackBerry’s QNX OS.

BlackBerry’s operating system is QNX, and it’s poised to become the default software which runs the infotainment in all automobiles.

(Read it online here)

That is HUGE. Because that’s a real problem – each auto manufactuer has their own proprietary software, and there’s no easy way to update it, so often brand new cars have 5-year old systems inside.


Prem Watsa is an investor, he’s like the Canadian Warren Buffet.

He owns Fairfax Financial Holdings, and is the largest investor in RIM (BlackBerry) – $700 million, or 10%.  And it was always so curious to me why he held onto his stock, even when BB was at its lowest *, why he loved it so. Yes BB is known for security, and still has lots of subscribers, but…

Now THIS makes total sense – if QNX becomes the default auto OS, BlackBerry will return to it’s former glory, and then some.  I predict last week’s software release will be the game changer, though – QNX CAR.

Numberous automakers already base their infotainment systems on it, like: the guts of the system is QNX, then Acura adds its look & fee on top.

Audi, Chrysler… there’s more I’m not remembering…

Acura / Audi / Chrysler / Land Rover / Hyundai / GM / Porsche / Saab

Chevy’s new MyLink system uses it, which won all the awards this year for “best auto infotainment system”.

I interviewed the lady behind it all for the paper in February, click here, and I blogged it was the first system I’d ever liked (to my 500 times telling you never to buy one).

My BB story even made the cover of the paper, and my first non-‘Keri on Driving’ article to, nice.

I was so pleased with myself for figuring this all out, I texted and emailed everyone as much, and documented my smirking here, last photo.

so I did too. My stock market strategy is: copy the successful guy


Delete your Phone from the Rental Car

Otherwise, the next renter sees something like above.

When you pair your phone to a car, your contacts are stored

Contacts plus I don’t know what else.  I tried to write a column about it during the winter, but couldn’t find barely any documentation about what information is saved… lots on how to connect a phone, almost none about what’s there, and how to clear it.

It was weird actually, like I’d found a hole in the internet.

Those are all my phone names, in order:

– BlackBerry
– iPhone (security through obscurity)
– Samsung Galaxy SIII

It’s a 2013 Dodge Dart, click here for my review.


Off To Alberta with Ford for 48 Hours

They’ve heavily refreshed their classic pickup truck, the F150.

There will be dinosaurs!

I’ve been once before, it’s the largest and most significant concentration of fossils in the world. Another #1 for Canada <3

Pumped. Plus also nice, they invited KeriBlog not the paper.  I’ll be 2 hours behind you, home late Thursday night.

I’ve only been to Alberta once to visit my brother Brooks.

But I love pickup trucks, always have.

I’m sick, been fighting off a fever. Cross your fingers please the plane doesn’t make it worse.  I’m convinced I’m winning because of that time I didn’t take penicillin, and created MegaImmuneSystem.

Stood on my tiptoes with the rest of Canada last night. 4-1 gone in 15 minutes baffles me.  Least our astronaut Chris Hadfield got home safe, welcome home to him eh! His YouTube Channel was fantastic.

Came home this evening to a new Blackberry Q10, thanks TELUS!

I tested the Z10 (no keyboard), now this one.  I’m more excited for this model, because the QWERTY keyboard was what stopped me from switching to iPhone for so long.

I missed that and BBM… which interesting, Blackbery announced today that they’re going to give it away for both iPhone and Android this summer, BBM for all!  

My cell phone history.

Original post.

(you bet I wore the StarTac in that clip on my belt, like a boss)

Picked up a cupcake during errands, to celebrate a phone call.

5 years ago I set a goal / benchmark this one thing through my blog, and out of the blue today at 3pm my phone rang, and a gentleman said hello, then made it come true.

I can’t tell you what it is without sabotaging something, I’m sorry, not doing this to be mysterious, and mostly this is more for me than you (documenting), but ya, big blog win :)

Kay I have to finish packing, update my camera’s software, news sourced and written for Autonet, flight leaves at noon.

TTY from Alberta!