Maybe Why Prem Watsa Never Sold his Stock

Guys I think I cracked it. I had an epiphany 2 weeks ago…

I was surfing around, sourcing stories for, and I stumbled on news about BlackBerry’s QNX OS.

BlackBerry’s operating system is QNX, and it’s poised to become the default software which runs the infotainment in all automobiles.

(Read it online here)

That is HUGE. Because that’s a real problem – each auto manufactuer has their own proprietary software, and there’s no easy way to update it, so often brand new cars have 5-year old systems inside.


Prem Watsa is an investor, he’s like the Canadian Warren Buffet.

He owns Fairfax Financial Holdings, and is the largest investor in RIM (BlackBerry) – $700 million, or 10%.  And it was always so curious to me why he held onto his stock, even when BB was at its lowest *, why he loved it so. Yes BB is known for security, and still has lots of subscribers, but…

Now THIS makes total sense – if QNX becomes the default auto OS, BlackBerry will return to it’s former glory, and then some.  I predict last week’s software release will be the game changer, though – QNX CAR.

Numberous automakers already base their infotainment systems on it, like: the guts of the system is QNX, then Acura adds its look & fee on top.

Audi, Chrysler… there’s more I’m not remembering…

Acura / Audi / Chrysler / Land Rover / Hyundai / GM / Porsche / Saab

Chevy’s new MyLink system uses it, which won all the awards this year for “best auto infotainment system”.

I interviewed the lady behind it all for the paper in February, click here, and I blogged it was the first system I’d ever liked (to my 500 times telling you never to buy one).

My BB story even made the cover of the paper, and my first non-‘Keri on Driving’ article to, nice.

I was so pleased with myself for figuring this all out, I texted and emailed everyone as much, and documented my smirking here, last photo.

so I did too. My stock market strategy is: copy the successful guy


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