The Caravan MiniVan Turned 30 Years Old

Dodge celebrated by building a charity art project.

Together with the charity organization Canstruction®, the automaker built a life-sized replica of the 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan… out of cans.

That’s 30,000 cans of tuna, it took 10 hours, and it’s a world’s first.

The food was then donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Those folding seats, the “Stow ‘N Go” seats, are exclusive to the Caravan, and deserve more screen time they’re that slick.

1/5 cars sold in Canada, is a Caravan.

And they’re built in Canada.

Sorry about the lighting Brad!

Filmed in the driver’s seat, in the middle of Dundas Square, kinda neat.

Dodge Grand Caravan – starting at $19,895

Non-car nerds: Chrysler basically invented the MiniVan vehicle, this Grand Caravan.

I like MiniVans, and have a Caravan booked early in the new year.



Delete your Phone from the Rental Car

Otherwise, the next renter sees something like above.

When you pair your phone to a car, your contacts are stored

Contacts plus I don’t know what else.  I tried to write a column about it during the winter, but couldn’t find barely any documentation about what information is saved… lots on how to connect a phone, almost none about what’s there, and how to clear it.

It was weird actually, like I’d found a hole in the internet.

Those are all my phone names, in order:

– BlackBerry
– iPhone (security through obscurity)
– Samsung Galaxy SIII

It’s a 2013 Dodge Dart, click here for my review.