Delete your Phone from the Rental Car

Otherwise, the next renter sees something like above.

When you pair your phone to a car, your contacts are stored

Contacts plus I don’t know what else.  I tried to write a column about it during the winter, but couldn’t find barely any documentation about what information is saved… lots on how to connect a phone, almost none about what’s there, and how to clear it.

It was weird actually, like I’d found a hole in the internet.

Those are all my phone names, in order:

– BlackBerry
– iPhone (security through obscurity)
– Samsung Galaxy SIII

It’s a 2013 Dodge Dart, click here for my review.


This is Car Swap Day

What it is to swap cars and drive a different one each week.

It’s almost always Monday.

Round trip = 135 km, 3-ish hours in this example.

Many manufacturers are located just off the 401.

Going from 1 to 2 – starting at home downtown, then it’s north to return the 2013 Civic to Honda, Canada.

Proper etiquette is to gas and wash it before handing the keys back.

Where the keys go.

Longtime fan of the Civic. Read my full, technical review of the 2013 sedan here.

Now climb into my 1999 Jetta, which has been parked at Honda.

Remember to remind myself:

“From a brand-new car into the opposite, brake sooner Keri.”

The trip will always be in traffic.

On the map 2 to 3, and park the Jetta at Chrysler.

That sign does not get old.

Now I’m in the Chrysler anti-chamber; if you’ve been there, you know what I mean.

Picked up this week’s car, the all-new 2013 Dodge Dart Limited.

You might recognize the name from the muscle cars of the 70s.

This year, Chrysler brought the name back to life; it’d been dormant since 1976.

I might have a review for the paper coming up about the Dart, so saving my interior shots for that.

And it’s too soon to state any opinion.

Now home, 3 back to 1 on the map.

And that is Car Swap Day.