This is Car Swap Day

When you see me say on Twitter or Facebook “it’s car swap day”, this is what’s happening.

Round trip = 135 km, 3-ish hours.

Going from 1 to 2 – home downtown, then it’s north to return the Civic to Honda Canada.

Only a d-bag doesn’t gas it and take it through a tunnel, before handing the keys back.

Where the keys go.

I’m a fan of the Civic. Read my full, technical review of the 2013 sedan here..

Now climb into my 1999 Jetta, which has been parked at Honda.

Remember to remind myself that I’m coming out a brand-new car and into the polar opposite – sloppy steering shifting everything, and brake sooner Keri.

Of course the trip will always be in traffic.

On the map 2 to 3, and park my car at Chrysler.

That sign does not get old.

Now I’m in the Chrysler anti-chamber; if you’ve been there, you know what I mean.

Picked up this week’s car, the all-new 2013 Dodge Dart Limited.

You might recognize the name from the muscle cars of the 70s.

This year, Chrysler brought the name back to life; it’d been dormant since 1976.

I might have a review for the paper coming up about the Dart, so saving my interior shots for that. And it’s too soon to state any kind of opinion.

Now home, 3 back to 1 on the map.

And that is Car Swap day.

(PS – almost called this post ‘My Day in 3 Dashes’, but went the less arty route)