How to Backup a Trailer in 5 Steps

Follow these 5 steps to backup a trailer.

  1. crank the steering wheel all the way
  2. find a towing buddy and agree on hand signals
  3. reverse with wheel cranked
  4. slowly un-wind the wheel as trailer straightens out
  5. follow the trailer back

Read it online here:

Favourite line:

The most important part to remember is – don’t do the math on the weight being towed, instead it’s the GVWR – gross vehicle weight rating.

Made a video to go along with this week’s column. 

Thanks to my driving buddy that day, Jeremy Sinek, for helping me film! We also won the fuel economy challenge, helped by that I didn’t drive.

Here we are with a Tyranasaurs Rex.

Where the video came from.


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