I’m Not a Fan of Hybrids, Part 1

This week I detail why I’m not a fan of hybrids or eco-cars… the batteries, the lack of infrastructure, and the single-minded fervour around the topic.

But most of all, unless the owner is always driving in an eco-style, it’s all for not.

Read in online at Autonet.ca.

Favourite line:

If we’re going to be honest, we only really started caring about the environmental impact of gasoline engines in the 1970s. And look how far we’ve come in 30 short years.

Read Part 2 here.

Made the cover today yesss.

Last week, I also wrote about eco cars, I designed The Keri Eco Car. And next week will be about eco too, I have more to say, but then I will be DONE with this topic for a while :)



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