Car Rallies are Won with the Mind

Read it online at Autonet.

Sometimes a rally isn’t just speed-based, it’s a thinking race, where teams compete for points.

Favourite line:

A trick I learned that you can use too: the word “right” has two meanings, “do I turn left here?” Instead of responding with “right”, say “check.”

Above is Keith Townsend, the gentleman in the article, and co-owner of  Vehicle Dynamics Group, the company behind the Mazda Adventure Rally. He won the modern division of Targa’s Modern Division in 2006, and in 1996 placed 3rd in the Canada CRC Canadian Rally Championship.

Below is the co-owner, Jud Buchanan, who has 6 podium Targa finishes, and is the former lead instructor at the Porsche Advanced Driving School.

Both are great guys with big brains, and who you should hire to design your rally.


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