Get a Roadside Assistance Plan

If your car breaks down, what’s the plan to move an immovable hunk of metal?

New cars are not immune… flat tire / out of gas / missing keys … It’s like buying a feeling almost… that wherever I may get stuck, I dial a number and a helpful truck and driver just, show up.

Favourite line:

[what do you do when] a car stops, and turns into a giant, immovable mass of metal, for which you’re responsible?

A correction:

Second last paragraph, first sentence, it says “used cars are not immune”, but that should say “new cars”


The 2 Types of Roadside Assistance Plans

Check with your dealer for details, but as a general rule:

Dealer Roadside Assistance

  • tows you to nearest dealership
  • covers your vehicle

Auto Club Roadside Assistance (eg. CAA)

  • tows you to wherever you ask
  • covers you the person, so even if you’re driving a friend’s car, you’re still covered


Mini-cover, third down.

CAA has saved me so many times, I have a blog section just for them – CAA


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