Questions to Think about Autonomous Cars

When it comes to auntomous cars, I’d like to see these topics discussed more often, especially the algorithm one below.

Questions to ponder:

  • will parking spots become extinct?
  • what about securing something that is more computer than car? Protect the privacy of the vehicle’s whereabouts… or the car’s software from attack, because think that nightmare through.
  • will map-range anxiety replace spontaneous exploration and adventure?

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

Go get lost this coming weekend, while you still can.


I had a paragraph in there, about the ethics of programming the crash-avoidance algorithm, but it got cut.

What I said:

In an imminent crash involving two vehicles, what are the ethics behind the crash-avoidance algorithm? Aim for the larger object? Now all SUV drivers feel targeted, because they are, so will their insurance increase then? What if it’s programmed to hit the car best known for safety? Volvo owners won’t be happy about that.


Above Photo

That’s an Audi TTS.

Google gets a lot of press about their autonomous car, but back in 2010 Audi sent the roadster up a 14,000 foot mountain, “Pikes Peak”.

It was even able to register negative obstacles, as in, stuff that wasn’t there, like a cliff without a guard-rail.

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