Luxury Vehicle Ownership comes with Decorum

Broke in a brand new Acura ILX. 

No dramatics; I turned it over to a 4-digit odometer YA buddy.

The Acura ILX is their brand-new model that’s entry-level luxury.

To celebrate the launch is the Acura Finishing School:
an evening of styling, and etiquette training.

You’re graduating into luxury automobile ownership, conducting yourself with more decorum comes along with that. 

Welcome to my blog, guys!  

The evening was geared towards men, (no more jeans and sneakers fellas, get used to blazers and suit jackets).  How I was also invited was because I don’t know, I was just glad.

A 4 course meal, while etiquette coach Linda Allan reminded us of proper dining etiquette; she was, and it was, awesome.

At the evening’s conclusion, we were handed keys to a brand new ILX.

There are 6 different versions of the car, including their first-ever Hybrid, congratulations Acura!

Bolstered and stitched seats, crisp and ergonomic trimming, a quick and reliable engine, a 15GB hard drive for music, all features here: Acura ILX

Starting at $27,790.

Subtle classiness.

I wrote about the experience in this week’s, ‘Keri on Driving’ column.  Please read for tips I learned from Linda, they’re good reminders.

(article online here)

Favourite Line:

“… the best part of the evening was the sentiment: A little more decorum all around is never a bad thing.”

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