Happy Skynet Becomes Self-Aware Day

In Terminator movies, the military created Skynet, an artificial intelligence which becomes self-aware today, April 19 2011 at 8:11pm / 20:11.

Then it turns against the humans… carnage, mayhem etc.

The below made me literally LOL today (this Skynet thing was trending on Twitter earlier , it’s not that weird)

A few weeks back, @SkyNetOperative started following me on Twitter.  Today we engaged in a back and forth.

This is its bio (the code basically means its watching the internet, and saving it all for future use)

So I said I dropped into its computer, and took ownership of its accounts and information.

It came back with uh-huh, I just kicked you off the server, undid your changes and copied your hard drive to a USB key.

Note it knows what kind of computer I’m on.

I replied by making it its own account.




First Cycling Race of the Season

Sunday it was off to Calabogie Motorsports Track with my team for 2011’s first OCA race.

The boys did great, way to go fellas!

And just like both years past (this is my 3rd season having a team under my Canadian Explorer brand) I underdressed and had to wear Nate’s clothes.  The large arrow above is pointing at Nate.

I have there carbon fiber knuckles, ha.

Last year I stood all zipped up like that for an entire lap, laughing my head off inside the zipper yelling, “this is how I cheer!“.



Doug Makes You Younger

Last week I met Doug owner of Male Esthetics Spa via Casie (thanks again missy).

Doug recently opened a spa and kindly invited me in, and scrubbed all my dead skin off.  But here’s the best part – the mini-facial.

I’ve never been a spa girl, I’ve maybe been a handful of times ever, and am just reluctant to believe any of it, but Doug changed all that because after, I swear to you, I had younger looking skin.  Especially around the eyes, that very important area.

Now Doug’s spa, Male Esthetics, is just that – specifically for males.  Neat, eh?  Like we talked about, males get the short end of the stick because the beauty and spa industry is so female-centric.

He’s changing all that, because as he said, boys have different skin, different hair patterns, different attention required.  Everyday his goal is, “to be empathatic to men because the industry caters to women”. And he will not feminize you, so no worries boys.

He was the first male ever to graduate from his school in Ottawa, writes for spa magazines and is in Vegas teaching right now.

One of his passions is feet and reflexology, which I didn’t know much about till he told me, look at this:

We have…. 72 000 nerve endings in our feet what?!

In fact, feet are much more important than we realize, and in Germany they take it so seriously that, get this, the government covers a bi-annual pedicure.

Doug did something to my feet and when we were done I said, “I feel weird and unusual, what is this?” and he replied he’d used some calming pressure points to relax me.

Women are most welcome too, and as he pointed out, “it’s kinda neat for a girl to have a guy down at her feet doing their pedicure, no?”  ;)

Off you go gentlemen, call Doug; we girls like feeling soft skin, too. 647 344 1825, Yonge and Davisville.

Exploring a Thunderstorm with Jay

This episode is from when Jay Goldman and I got together to film something for The Canadian Explorer, and this is what came out.

At the time Jay had an awesome internet show too, Mr Mobile.

Sorry about the nicks in the audio, this was before I learned about adding those little sound smooth guys in between cuts.

My car shook for 2 days.

Buy Jay’s Book! Facebook Cookbook which is in the O’Reilly Collection

(non-nerds: an O’Reilly book carries clout, they’re like, tech bibles)

Here’s Fantasy Farms

Here’s some stills from the episode.