A New and Better Header, Look Up

Until now, it looked like this:

Then I added this 9 photo collage.

This post is more for me than you, for documenting purposes.

Have a good evening!

Oh wait, one more thing… look at this weirdness.

My header code area is completely empty in the editor, yet I still have a header.

I clear my cache and the code comes back, but only once because if I click away and return, it’s gone again.


Have a Great Weekend

Woah big IRL day Friday.

Isn’t my hair looking good? I had a really good week, hope you did too, I laughed a lot, KeriBlog has never been better, this is the year I kill it eh.

Spring’s here don’t you think! Get lots of outside if you can, and I’ll check in with you soon.

xo Keri